Montesano City Council Member Marisa Salzer calls for investigation on Waterfront Sale – complete text

Below you will find the complete text of the call for an investigation into the waterfront sale here in Montesano.  The text and comments were delivered in open city council session May 27th 2014 and is now the second call from a sitting council member for an investigation.  The following text was provided by the council member on request.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 8.54.29 AMBegin Marisa Salzer call for investigation


I”m not one for dramatics, but what the H E Double Hockeysticks?

The latest issue that has come to light has made me extremely upset, and physically ill.

The waterfront issue has so many different issues within it, that it is impossible to look at it as a whole and say that it was clearly a simple mistake.

If we, as the representatives of the City of Montesano, are expecting its citizens, employees and user groups to follow the rules, then why aren’t we setting that example?

If we are so hard up for money for Vessey Field and for improving our roads, why are we selling property valued at far less than its assessed value?

Why wouldn’t the city not jump at the opportunity for a higher bid – twice at what it was sold for? Especially if the city was deemed lucky enough to sell it if most of it is “garbage” or unusable due to the wetlands.

Why were the requests of the council ignored? There is no written clause of public access and no legal was ever published. I know this to be a fact as I was the legals clerk at the time of the sale.

There are way too many unanswered questions and only add onto the city’s ongoing problem in its relationship with its residents.

If an outside investigation is called to look at this issue, how much will that cost?

I personally would like to start hearing some real answers and at least one person to take responsibility.

I love Montesano, but I also want to be proud of Montesano. We need to model behavior that we expect from our residents, employees and user groups.

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5 thoughts on “Montesano City Council Member Marisa Salzer calls for investigation on Waterfront Sale – complete text

  1. Great job Marisa! You are doing a great job so farThe mayor is selling Montesano out. Shine a spotlight on the corruption. Expose the things they don’t want the town to know about. And they will scatter like cockroaches. Keep up the good work. Class of ’98 rocks!

  2. I’ve never known Marisa to take any nonsense lying down. Stay at it, and keep ‘em honest, Girl!

  3. Marissa; I suggest reviewing the minutes from the 2005 meeting at which an ordinance was passed exempting real property sales from the requirement to post legal notice. I would also suggest asking MRSC whether this is even legal.
    Thanks for taking the job seriously.

    • Jeff, I am not defending this, just stating a fact, it is State law that exempts real property from being publishing in the legal column of a paper.and allows (but not requires) it to be “Posted”. The council adopted the language using their wisdom in 2005. I intend on bringing this old resolution back to the council next meeting and ask if they want to change it to require publishing or not. (Which I believe it should be changed!). I have never done anything that the council has not approved and directed me to do. I too, take this job seriously. I would have never ran for mayor if I did not love this city. As you know it takes a lot of time and effort. Thanks for your service for Monte!

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