The Daily World turns its eye toward Montesano Waterfront sale POLL: should a recall effort begin?


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The city spin over it’s incompetence is just sickening to read.  It is becoming clear that they intend to take no responsibility for their actions.  It may be time to consider the only alternative available to us as citizens.  I am going to leave the below poll posted for a while to gauge citizen anger over this issue.


POLL RESULTS.  – June 1st 2014 – Poll run for 24 hours 7 am May 31 2014 to 7 am June 1st.  Total unique visitors to this posting during that 24 hour period was 6 47.  Figure average of two voters per household internet connection.  Only one vote was allowed per internet connection,  Of the 647 people that viewed this post yesterday, 164 took part in the poll.  The poll was hosted independent of this website via  I will post the results below without comment.

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NOTE: May 31st 2014 –  the poll was set up so that an ip address can only vote once and will not allow a computer to vote more than once. I noticed one website that is following this posted that they do not want to influence voting.  Good point.  I truly wish to echo that.  While my personal feelings are what they are, the only true gauge of the pulse of the public out there is if everyone votes their own opinion.  Let the chips fall where they may.  And considering half of the people that follow this site can’t stand me or even remotely share my opinions most of the time, it should be a fairly accurate take on the public stand on this issue.

UPDATE: May 31st 2014 – as expected, gotten the usual mail.   Let me relate again.  We all woke up to the newspaper article in the Vidette over a week ago  and read the same thing.  In the blink of an eye, all of our city waterfront is now in the hands of a private developer and we got enough to buy a used pick up truck out of the deal with nothing but a bunch of excuses.    All of it gone.   The people of this town are pissed, it isn’t just the hold over from the employee mess…. and they want accountability.  I suggest that our elected officials pay very close attention to what is going on.  The Bulldog is about to wake.  And its not going to be pretty.   Running and hiding from the Vidette and claiming mistakes isn’t going to cut it.

The Bulldog is slow to wake and rile….but it is stirring


4 thoughts on “The Daily World turns its eye toward Montesano Waterfront sale POLL: should a recall effort begin?

  1. Today, I voted for recall campaign. I asked myself whether I was being vindictive, or simply wanting some justice here? The latter is the best description. Justice for the citizens of Montesano who have been deceived, and after reading all documents–illegally deceived. It was a sad day in 2009 when our house on the shores of the the Chehalis River burned to the ground. Sadness, fear, discombobulation, grief–all those feelings set in and we pulled up our boot straps and got going–getting another house on the river. We then realized how much the rules had changed…and the value of our little place, also some wetlands. It was arduous and costly doing all the paper work, clearing debris, filling out the JARFA forms, flood elevation certificate, on and on and on…proving we had a right to be there. Because we were in a flood plain, we did learn that had there not been a house there before–etc.–we could not put a house there. And we used the same footprint as the house that burned. My point being that Montesano Mayor and City Council were wrong, and I determine criminal because they did not appreciate what they had–calling it surplus! That doesn’t even make sense. Those properties, such as the one they sold for $23,000 are hard, impossible, to find on the shores of The Chehalis River, and can’t be found any longer because of so many ecology rules and shoreline laws. I don’t care if it is in wetlands–that’s all the better for a nice park and nature trail for students/education, or the people of Montesano and the people passing through to enjoy. Shame on that sale. Somebody, I’m not sure who, should be answering some serious questions.

  2. How would you expect the vote to turn out. The local taxacrats would recall the pope to get back control of the city. So funny.

  3. Harry,
    It’s people like you that think the goverment can do whatever they want.. maybe the people are tired of the lies and sneaking around.. somebody needs to step and be honest on what actually happened with this property.. Or are u one these people that would sell their house at 14’/, assessed value. .

    • They can’t be tired of lies I’m sure every one of the people voting for a recall voted for Obama. The Liar In Chief.

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