The Ice Cream Man Cometh


It took awhile but summer finally hit Montesano.  Randy Johnson, owner of “The Frosty Cow”  hit the streets today.  He can begin hitting Monte as early as March.  Not this year as cold as it has been, as we all know.  June 1st, well, better than no summer at all.  Watch and listen for the Frosty Cow mobile on Sundays here in Monte, but Randy says he might start adding another day.  Have a special event, give Randy a call at 360-533-5446   – rumor has it he can make balloon animals too.

PRODUCT REVIEW:  The Blue Bunny Orange Dream Bar.  At first glance one would not be able to discern the Bunny Bar from more common fare found on the shelves in the local grocery store, or gasp, a last resort – the dreaded gas station display.  At first glance that is, appearances can be deceiving.

The wrapper itself is well made, requiring several tugs with the teeth.  In the case of us elder connoisseurs, moving to the back teeth for leverage to tear anorange_dream_bar.s3v1 opening sufficient to get your fingers into.  The effort is worth it as you are immediately met with a a familiar cream and subtle orange scent.  I must make note here that modern manufacturers have gone heavily into more orange and less cream in the last 40 years. A mistake in my opinion.  But I digress.

Properly frozen the gleaming bar radiates its refreshing coolness, almost….almost causing your eager lips to stick ever so gently to the waiting bar. Just briefly.  The instant creamy sensation at first swirls, then vaults into your mouth not fighting the orange, yet working in harmony with it.  The way an orange cream bar should be.    You know instantly that this isn’t your normal orange cream bar, taken with haste from the grocery store as your wife tells you to hurry up.  It is, in fact, a Dream Bar.  And you begin to savor.

Perhaps the most notable point is that as you bite your way down, slowing to appreciate every last bite, you notice that there is no licking and slurping as the bar runs down the stick onto your fingers.  Is this the design of the bar itself? or as I expect the freezing element contained within the Frosty Cow?  Randy would never give away his trade secrets and I have the good manners not to ask.

While there may be better Orange Cream Bars out there, they would be hard to find, and perhaps it is just wishful thinking.  I give the bar 4 and  1/2 stars.  The Bunny Bar can be found on better Ice Cream Trucks and  discerning stores across the country.



NOTE: anyone making personal attacks for my support of ice cream, or against ice cream, for or against the mobile transportation of said ice cream or people with an agenda against milking cows and the manufacture of wooden sticks…… will be banned from the site.

2 thoughts on “The Ice Cream Man Cometh

  1. Tom,

    While I support most of your opinions, this post has clearly gone too far. Supporting a single ice cream brand? I gave you more credit than that.

    Personally a Ben and Jerry’s fan, I was disappointed to see you endorsing Blue Bunny. If you’re going to talk about something, especially a food product, you really need to be all-inclusive.

    And if you’re going to discuss frozen treats, why didn’t you include our dear friend the chocolate covered banana? While not only budget-friendly, but also a tasty alternative to those who are lactose intollerant, it can serve as a delicious reminder of backyard bbqs and good, safe summer fun.

    I don’t find any good humor in this post, and I sincerely hope to see a more balanced discussion in the future.

    Sherry Garcia

  2. Chocolate? Really? when discussing frozen confectionary treats? Pleeease. You obviously are from one of the lessor cultured hamlets in this county, probably Elma.

    As you sit on the porch of your single wide trailer trying to balance that banana on the stick, I want you to consider one thing. Do you honestly think they take the good bananas and dip them in chocolate? Or perhaps those with defects, unworthy to stand alone under the bright lights of the produce display lights. I pray you aren’t making them yourself on that hotplate you call a kitchen.

    Further, first melting the chocolate, then quickly freezing it may serve to cover said banana from prying eyes, but as we all know, it is still just a banana covered in chocolate that is going to melt before you get half way down the banana.

    Obviously you are no stranger to a couch, a spoon, and a tub of generic whatever is on sale ice cream. I suggest you turn off the Lifetime channel, knock the cat off your lap and run out the door the next time you hear the Frosty Cow come your way. Culture can be acquired, but only if you make the effort.

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