MONTESANO Train Wreck Picnic Sat June 7th 12 noon

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UPDATE:   4 JUNE.  Well, those guys ruined our picnic.  They are all over the place.  Its obvious they care nothing for the citizens of this area.  Unfortunately we will have to CANCEL  the event.  I am so sorry everyone.

UPDATE: 3:30 pm – OK, I just got back and have some devastating news for everyone.  They have picked up the sharp pointy metal things and trucks are pouring in to the train wreck.  It looks like after weeks and weeks they may be cleaning up the place.  I am so sorry and so many children were beginning to look forward to this event.  I am personally hurt that after so much time that this railroad company Genesee and Wyoming would start cleaning it up after we announced our picnic.  I am sorry to have to put this picnic on hold, will keep an eye on the area.  If they ruin our picnic we can always wait till the next train derailment here in the harbor.

UPDATE 2:30 PM – I am hearing reports that Genesee and Wyoming have started to clean up the train wreck.  I can’t believe they would try and ruin our picnic.  I will go out there.  And only hours after announcing our picnic!  What nerve….trying to ruin our picnic!



3 June 2014 10:00am  -Yes my fellow Harborites fun times this weekend.  The 1st annual Montesano Train Wreck Picnic is scheduled for this coming Saturday June 7th at 12 noon!  Be there or be square….bring the kids!  Fun for the whole family.  It is unbelievable but true, despite pleas from residents the moldy grain is still there with the train wreck weeks after the wreck.  I think we can safely say now it is a permanent fixture here in the community. Come see the moldy grain (warning do not touch dead birds or mice that have been feeding on the grain)… the run off go into Higgins Slough!  Kids, bring your microscopes and try and identify the chemicals and bacteria for your next science project. Professional photographers will be present so you may save the moment!!!!

Come one….come all and be a part of our harbor history and participate in our mock drill for the coming oil trains. Just to give everyone a glimpse of the wonders to behold, I will re post my video that I put up last week concerning the train wreck….of course it is a week old now, but nothing has changed.  I don’t want to give it away but we may have a special guest.


FIRST POSTED MAY 28TH 2014 -One would think that with all the bad publicity that the railroad track owners, Genesee and Wyoming, are having lately with the four local train derailments, that they would at least clean up the mess from them.  One would think so anyway.   I think we are getting a look to how this company would respond should an oil spill happen in our county.   It isn’t as if they don’t have the money to clean it up, their stock price as of this morning was $96.90 a share.

UPDATE:  lest anyone think I am too crazy about tons of genetic modified grain dumping into our streams around here…..<a href=””>CHECK OUT THIS HORROR STORY</a>    screech….I’m starting to think these environmentalists might actually be right about things.


UPDATE: May 30th for an update on Federal response see <a href=””>HERE</a&gt;.

9 thoughts on “MONTESANO Train Wreck Picnic Sat June 7th 12 noon

  1. Claudia, I got your first comment but you will have to re post it. Yes, I am hoping Carol will let everyone use her bathroom.

  2. Ok Tom, I see what an agent provocateur you are!! glad you’re on our side!!

    Now- tell us WHERE this picnic is going to be? on the tracks? (and apologies to Carol for calling Tom’s attention to your proximity!)

  3. Claudia is it quite easy, you can just follow the tracks and look for the wreckage, or just follow the smell. But for those of you that are ofactory challenged, head on the road to Friends Landing and continue past the turnoff for a mile or so up Devonshire road. Just past the pretty little creek that the water going through all the grain is going into is the wreckage. Oh, bring a frisbee

  4. Oh my gosh, I have so much to say. This is outrageous, Tom. Are you the host? And can we roast hot dogs–or roasted grain? Sort of a tail gate thing? Nice. Claudia, my bathroom isn’t that close, yet still close if we walk the tracks.

    I may get up early and follow the smells down the tracks to see the dead mice, modified grains molding in the slough, and modified Tom–who just might be coming over to that nasty environmental camp–simply all of us human beings, self appointed guardians of earth and people–right now the train derailment in Grays Harbor is of urgent attention. Doesn’t it speak volumes: Genesee Wyoming and PSAP and Dept. of Ecology has lost credibility here and we get a picnic. Yippee.

    Although, this is portentous–of the upcoming “Crude Oil by Rail” derailments: spills and/or explosions. Thanks a lot guys for showing us you are not taking responsibility for your actions! Once the track is up and running–you’re out of there? We get it.

    ED NOTE: Party pooper.

  5. Hey, Tom, you just ruined the train wreck party–but is the grain gone? As for the picnic cancelling–I am drasticallly disappointed. Now, can you can reveal the identiity of the special guest? Was it the governor?

    ED NOTE: Look, I didn’t ruin the train wreck party it was those Genesee and Wyoming people. No fun at all. After nothing for weeks and weeks, hours after we decide to have a party they come and start cleaning it up! I’m watching it and will see tomorrow if they start with that grain too. So much for the grain castle sculpture content. I have been practicing doing one on one of the port commissioners in oatmeal all week. Well, there is always next time.

  6. If we decide to have a party someday anyway, do you think they’ll crash it? he-he

    ED NOTE: Attention everyone. From this point on no puns are allowed in these postings.

  7. I think they were doing an oil cleanup experiment. If an oil train derails and explodes, they will crash a grain train into the wreck and the spilled grain will sop up any oil, blood, bodily fluids, etc, that is left after the fire. The grain would be a biodegradable absorbent! Also, the moldy grain smell would cover over the burned oil/exploded body smell. These big oil/railroad people are pretty clever, aren’t they?

    ED NOTE: Montesano Today Posting Award

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