Oil Train Meeting June 12th 2014

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I don’t usually promote meetings but I want to tie it into something else.  The following was just sent to me:


We hope you will all attend the June 12 Coalition for Infrastructure meeting, 5:30 – 6:30 PM, Furford Gathering Center, 104 S. Chehalis Street, Aberdeen. The guest speaker will be Knoll Lowney, attorney from Smith & Lowney, PLLC who represents Citizens for a Clean Harbor, et al in the current crude oil litigations. Knoll will be speaking to the group about legal issues concerning crude oil by rail and answering your questions.

The team of lawyers and staff at Smith & Lowney are committed to the public interest. Whether confronting polluters, exposing corporate misconduct, or supporting community activists, they seek to be principled advocates for justice.


Now my thoughts.  There has been a lot of talk lately here on the site and in the comments about how this oil train thing isn’t a right or left issue.  It isn’t.   I was a surprised to find about as many from my side of the aisle at these things as the other.  Nobody talks about anything else in case you were wondering.  I am intrigued as both Democrats and Republicans actually coming together on an issue that affects all of us without the “minders” that are usually present from the county central committees.  In other words ….they have lost control of us.

I encourage all of my fellows of the conservative bent to put aside your fears, nobody will try and pin an Obama button on your shirt.  Suck it up, walk through the door.  You might be as surprised as I was to find that our liberal neighbors aren’t nearly as “liberal” as you might think.  Most of them want jobs here as much as we do.  We start working with them instead of against them, and we just might be able to stop these rolling bombs and get some people elected around here that are working for us instead of the good old boy system.  You might be surprised just how much they can’t stand it as we do.

Going to these meetings also has the added benefit of getting a chance to change their minds on other things.  My plan is to bring a yoga mat one day and go off in the corner.  As a bunch comes over and I have their attention,  I can start telling them about the benefits of low taxes and the failure of over budgeted social programs while I stretch into the lazy horse position.

4 thoughts on “Oil Train Meeting June 12th 2014

  1. Cute emails coming in. I will address them here. Look, I know some of your apprehension my fellow conservatives. I too felt the strong desire to run past the line of Obama bumper stickers…free the whales window decals and more. Some too horrid to mention.

    Unfamiliar with their language and ways, I strode into the meetings.

    Communication between us, at first, limited to basic hand gestures and grunts, but slowly, over time I have come to understand them. Well, as best one could without having grown up with their strange rites and rituals. Easily offended, one learns to approach subjects in a metaphorical sense. Once an understanding is established, formal communication begins. While I will never be trusted, fully, I am tolerated now in their presence. These….these liberals in the Grays Harbor mist.

    I was even invited to a “Prayer Vigil”. I’m not sure what or who they are praying too or vigiling, but I might go. I’m not sure what one wears to such an occasion, but I do have an old white leisure suit in the closet.

  2. If some look at you sideways occasionally Tom, it might just be your wry and thoroughly unpredictable sense of humor! Or maybe they sat on the tracks waiting for your picnic to begin?

    My advice to all and sundry: if anyone tries to tie a label around your neck, kick them in the shins and run like crazy. There’s nobody here but US.


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