Major oil spill into Colorado River – why isn’t this on mainstream news?

WHY THE MEDIA BLACKOUT?  drinking water affected down the river …….This happened last week, no news in the media?  Is the fix in on oil spills with all the controversy over oil trains?  AFFECTING WATER SUPPLY FOR UP TO 35 MILLION PEOPLE.  I got a call from a guy in Tucson about this.  Thats how I found out about it.  People are afraid to drink their tap water.

FROM THE ARTICLE – “As many as 3,000 to 4,000 gallons per hour of a mixture of oil and treated water may have leaked after a valve failed on an older rig owned by the S.W. Energy Corp., the Moab Sun News reported.






******ANOTHER LINK  THIS ONE WITH SLIDE SHOW - BLM’s Failure Pollutes Colorado River Water Supply With Oil

quote from above link and article – “It’s offensive to hear the BLM say they’re ‘pleased’ after a large quantity of oil entered the water supply for millions of people,” said Zach Frankel, executive director of the Utah Rivers Council. “The BLM failed the public and it’s high time to acknowledge their mistakes instead of greenwashing this pollution. They should be warning the public about exposure to this oil, instead of pretending its not there.”

VIDEO – note – this is the only thing I can find.  Send to me if someone finds better.



So the leak started on 5/21 according to BLM’s website but they only learned about it on Wednesday, 5/28? That’s pretty inexcusable! If the State of Utah can’t make the energy companies any more responsible for monitoring the production of these wells and identifying possible problems or reporting when they know of problems, or if the state had the information and failed to alert affected parties such as BLM, much needs to be done to improve the system. Giving the State of Utah and then energy companies more land to not be able to oversee properly is NOT THE ANSWER!

ED NOTE:  I am seeing a pattern all across the country, nobody is ever in charge.  Everyone is always caught flat footed.  Can we expect the same here in Grays Harbor if an oil train spill happens?

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8 thoughts on “Major oil spill into Colorado River – why isn’t this on mainstream news?

  1. Thank you for posting this. I had no idea me and my family were affected by our water supply until I got wind of this. We live in Arizona and nothing was mentioned at all on the news! Thank you for posting this and I will be in touch with our Arizona congressman about this issue as well. The people drinking this water deserve to know what is really happing. Tom, let me ask you???? Why is the government or the media not letting the people (like me and my family) know that the water might be contaminated?

    • We often have the same questions here in Wa State. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We are watching very closely the response of oil clean up around the country to prepare ourselves for what might happen here. There is a wall of silence concerning safety of our oil trains. Best of luck to you guys down there. Keep us posted.

  2. I can answer that question–Yes, we can expect the same thing here in Grays Harbor. Day before yesterday, I spent the entire day doing a mock calling–several actually, from the perspective of any average, everyday citizen of Grays Harbor who isn’t necessarily well informed about emergency response and wants to find the right phone number and call to report a spill. You can expect several scenarios: #1 get a recording, leave a message, #2 the person in charge is out of the office will call you back tomorrow. #3 we don’t deal with that spill at this number…try so and so and so on… Flat footed is an understatement. It was shocking to learn that the recent grain derailment and spillage of tons of grain in wetlands was not even reported as an incident on the ERTS (Environmental Reporting and Tracking System) of DOE–evidently not required, or to Fish and Wildlife, Can we presume that railroads are only required to report oil spills? If that, and maybe only if it’s obvious and they get caught. Take a look at the Forestry Practices web site and you will see their very major preparedness for Oil spills. They are ready! It’s all in place–no need for worry. It is scary!

    ED NOTE: Carol you did a great job of that and would love to see it sort of step by step in an editorial. It might be interesting for people to see just how nobody is ever in charge or responsible. This is serious stuff.

    • I completely agree, Carol’s experience needs to be its own article, and circulated as much as possible, in order for the community to get a clear idea of what goes on, and how no one has your back in an ecological disaster.

      ED NOTE: Stormy, I got a chance to read a short draft of what Carol did. It is amazing. I really want her to expand it out a bit….step by step for posting here. It outlines in no uncertain terms that we are completely on our own in the event of a disaster. Completely on our own. There is absolutely no one in charge….anywhere. I akin it to a computer problem. You call the hardware manuf. and he point to the software you are trying to run. You call the software company, and they point back to the hardware people. And if either of them is the problem…..and the problem is big enough. They declare bankruptcy and re organize the next day under a different name. It happened already in Canada where the town vaporized so this isn’t theory.

      Let me repeat. Nobody is in charge, and nobody is responsible. Carol, please do that, people will want to read it. Make it as large as you want.

  3. Well I am just a guy that stumbled across your site. If you, or anyone you know can bring awareness to not only AZ but WA, and let the people know this is not ok I support you. Thank you again for posting.

  4. Thanks OW……I can’t believe it…it is still pouring into the river. Where is the mainstream media? This is a big spill. It is like someone is telling someone….lay low on oil spills….we want those trains to run and don’t want the bad publicity.

    unbelievable…..yet not surprising.

  5. Were any of you able to catch the Kiro7 report on oil trains this afternoon? It was just a blip, and I don’t see it posted on their website, but I was pleasantly surprised to see anything about the topic mentioned at all.

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