Weekly wrap up June 5th 2014


JUNE 5TH 2014 – My new media gig is kicking in and I will be tied up for a while doing some video work until at least next monday. Next week we will have a candidate interview for you and will be looking at the  real unemployment numbers here in the harbor. No not the ones they like to trot out. You may find it interesting…….

LETTERS: Many have been writing me complaining that I am not picking a side between the two Commissioner candidates Raines and Smith. Not going to do it. Some of the lessor races sure. Not this one. This is an important election. We have tax them till they bleed Frank Gordon on one side of the dias and Wes I’ve had enough of taxes Cormier on the other. Whoever we put in the middle will be running the county for the next two years. Its that simple. While I am deeply involved in the anti oil train movement and Frank is spot on with that issue, his tax policy, in my opinion, is ruining the property values of our homes. Tax them enough and we can’t even sell them. In case you were wondering I asked Gordon directly if there was ever enough he wouldn’t tax us at a public hospital meeting. What is the number? How much is enough……he wouldn’t answer. This is the problem with those with the wealth re distribution mind set. If you have more than someone else, they want to take from you and give it to them.   ANY CHANCE THEY GET…… Me, I’ve had enough of it. Oh, and what about the others? Come on, single issue candidates and at least one “encouraged”  to run strictly to dilute votes from Vickie Raines. Raines scares the hell out of the Democrat Central Committee here. They have changed boundary districts to keep her from running the whole bit. I don’t like dirty sneaky politics ……more on that down the road.

I realize there are a lot of Smith supporters that check in here. I like Al too.  I would be remiss not to mention that virtually everyone I talk to tells me he is a reliable voting partner with Frank Gordon.  I asked him specifically about that in person.  He assures me he votes his own mind.  It will be up to Al to in no uncertain terms relate to us, the voters who are concerned about the devastation these taxes are causing, exactly where he stands.  Vickie too.   Talk is she would be more apt to look out for us home owners voting with Cormier to protect us from run away taxation.  So far it is all talk.  I want clear cut no wiggle room answers.   No more games.

The Commissioners have squat to say about the oil trains coming in here. They can complain, sure….but they can’t actually do anything about it. They can complain. This is strictly a Port Commissioner issue. I will be picking my candidate once they start talking about taxes. So far….they haven’t. But they will. This election is about breaking the cycle. Welch was supposed to be part of that but as we all know, it was all a sham. No more.

CANDIDATE POSTING: As far as posting candidate material/editorials/policy statements.  Here is my policy, anything they send me to post I will post it. Un edited.  If some want to take advantage and others don’t, I have no control over that.  All I can do is make the space available.  We get over 5,000 views here on a regular weekly basis.  The type of person that comes here is interested in politics.  That’s all I will say.

Anybody who knows who this is in the pictured campaign poster please let me know. Probably from the early 40s. It was printed here in Grays Harbor so assuming is was a local race. It just showed up down at the museum and I am trying to research it.



Well, the Vidette came out AGAIN today, what is that three front pages in a row now?…..with the city administration trying to spin away the give away of our city waterfront. First they clung to the phony newspaper advertisement…now they think….maybe…they might have made a FOR SALE sign…maybe. Good grief, shows you how much they care about our waterfront. They are in panic mode and complete denial. Once a state auditor comes in who knows what else has been going on. I am staying quiet until the city council comes back at the end of the month. For some reason they decided there wasn’t enough going on around here to meet twice a month in the summer. Can you believe it? Oh yes, there will be an investigation. What is to be determined is if the city will initiate it…..or the people here will. I don’t think Trimble is going to allow a whitewash. I underestimated that kid. Salzer has her dander up as well. What some of these transplants around here don’t and never will understand is that Bulldogs never give up. It isn’t something we just say at football games. As I always say…we get the government we deserve. Lets hope the city council takes some sort of action, if not, a rally in Fleet Park may be in order…..we will see. Congratulations to the class of 2014. I hope there is a town to come back too.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgot about it. Juuuuuust waiting till the end of the month. You won’t believe what we found. Can’t wait to see the spin from that croupier looking guy they have diverting attention from the quarter million dollar salaries they want you and I as taxpayers to pick up.
Black and grey male neutered tabby type. Contact this site. Missing a couple weeks west side of town.  Readers may remember back in 2011 Huckelberry was the kitten found floating in a box in the Wynoochee River along with his litter mates.

Some rather damming pictures are floating around of the state of our flood control here in Montesano. I am researching it. SEE PICTURES HERE. Looks like we need a few million dollars.   AT LEAST!   Sure would be nice to have a waterfront to sell….whoops, we gave it away. Well we can always cut some trees in the city forest….whoops, we cut down the ready timber to build a two million dollar shop building we didn’t need. Oh, I know….we can just raise taxes on the home owners of the city! I have to ask. Does anybody ever even suggest putting money aside for things….ever? Or is it just a free for all up there at city hall.


Getting letters about the schools here in Monte joining the bottom 10% here in the state as recently reported in the newspaper.  Let me say this as strongly as I can.  Our School Supt. Dan Winter is a jewell.  Take the handcuffs off of him and he will deliver the top school in the state.  You have a problem, look at your school board.  You want to change things, look at your school board.  They are the ones who decide on the contracts that won’t let him remove teachers that don’t and can’t teach.  The one who famously slept at his desk for twenty years comes to mind.  It is the school board that ties his hands on removing problem little Janes and Johnnys that disrupt the teaching environment.   They are so precious you know.

The lowest 10 percent are listed as “Focus Schools,” which includes Montesano High School. Other Harbor schools on that list include Miller Junior High, McDermoth, and Robert Gray in Aberdeen and Hoquiam Middle School.  FROM VIDETTE ARTICLE

It is the school board that won’t let good teachers enforce discipline.  You the voter decides who runs the schools.  That is the school board.    We pay in property taxes enough to send every student in the district to the University of Washington every year.  It isn’t the money.   Don’t like it. Change the board.  And for those of you complaining about me lumping in the good members of the board, tell me the last time you saw an editorial in the paper of one of them complaining about what was going on with the other members of the board.  You can’t.    I would suggest sending Timble over there for a while to straighten up  the school board, but it looks like we need him on the council for a while to clean that place up.  Its go along to get along around here and we have a school dist now joining the bottom 10% of the state schools to show for it.  I know….lets re elect them all.  That will fix the problem!


Several have written so will address here.  As everyone knows I started turning the comment feature on a couple of weeks ago.  They are still moderated.  I do this to keep profanity and the such off the site.  It also requires a verified email address to be able to post.  Its for a reason and that is why it takes a while for your comments to go through the moderation process.


My eye surgery went well last week.  Its been difficult trying to type with one eye  and the other feeling like someone stuck needles in it….which they did….for the last week but got through it.  Sorry for all the typos….I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING…….I swear I am going to buy a fedora and change the name of this site to Montesano Confidential.  Seriously, I’m not kidding.



5 thoughts on “Weekly wrap up June 5th 2014

  1. I call for a full moratorium on all new taxes! You have covered a great deal of territory here in the June 5th wrap up. It’s been a befuddling week for sure. This early in the morning–being hit with so many relevant happenings about the county. You covered it all, Tom… a good wrap-up for a frustrated Thursday. However, after reading, I softly close my eyes, including the third, and the energy of taxes continues flashing past: Taxes, taxes and more taxes. What an unpleasant word–taxes. Out of control whether property taxes, hospital taxes, income taxes, sales taxes–must I go on. Causing shooting pains up the spine into the mind in this day of personal growth and economic decline. Firey flashes of irritation because it is out of control–out of our control, at least. The most depressing surety of taxes: they are never going down and they sort of have us by the you know whats with property taxes. I have always intensely disliked that word, TAXES, and get uptight every April 30th and October 31st. Yikes property taxes are due! Then I go to the bank and draw out my life savings and pay them–resenting every minute of it because it seems unreasonable, out of proportion, on a personal level. The taxing powers put fear in my heart and anger in my brain. New taxes can happen at any moment while we are sleeping. Here’s an idea, let’s call for a complete moratorium on new or increased taxes for a year–so we can take a look at the economic, health and safety risks of new taxes, any new taxes, to the people of Grays Harbor–anything! Leading me to my point– taking me back a few years in Grays Harbor, to a proposal made for, yet another taxing district–Flood Control District–to support the flood planning efforts of then current, Chehalis River Authority. Do you remember that? Maybe we should revisit that. Fortunately, it wasn’t imposed, but the Hospital District may be a new tax? So, rally round the flag pole–just say NO to taxes, if we can…

    As for the failure of education, that’s true. Washington ranks 47th in class size and districts have been passing levies to alleviate the problem for 30 years? Go figure. As for the right to dismiss teachers, or send students home for inability to behave or matriculate properly–I don’t think that’s in the hands of either the school board, or the Superintendant. That’s in the hands of WACs (Washington Administrative Code) which lays it all out. When? Where? Why? How? and Who? Stringent guidelines. Besides, it costs a lot of money to let go a 20 year sleeping teacher…thousands, attorneys, vigilance by administrators to follow the code. Better to let a sleeping teacher sleep.

    That cat, Huckleberry is beautiful. I hope she makes it home safely.

  2. ok Carol, lets have it out. If we have come to that point where the teacher union has so tied the hands of the dist administrators and the school board via pressure on the WAC, it is either time to do one of two things. 1. Accept that fact that Montesano is now in the company of schools state wide on the bottom 10% and just live with it. Oh well. or 2. realize that as you point out it will be impossible to fix and give the money to charter schools. Its one or the other. There aint no third option. It isn’t like they don’t have enough money. Again, we pay enough per student to send them to a great university every year. (the only reason I know about that sleeping teacher at the grade school was hearing it from two now retired teachers. “why did they let him get away with it I asked?”….knowing the answer in advance.) but lets all pretend we don’t. Thats what we do isn’t it?

    • Taxes are surely a painful way to pay for the services we demand (and can only afford if done in common) but they are pretty much the way it is done. If your house catches on fire, you want somebody to come!

      And don’t forget that major reductions in federal and state monies coming to the counties have put them all up a well-known creek! Grays Harbor Co is just one of thousands across the country at the lowest level of trickle-down….Blame Frank Gordon for considering taxes, or applaud him for preserving services–it’s never anything but a balancing act.

      What is more interesting to me is finding more efficient and creative/smart ways to structure services to keep costs down. We have too many little jurisdictions, they all have their own administrators yada-yada. We have to work better together if we want services we can afford! So forget the “tax and spend” or whatever rhetoric, and let’s get down to some hard work.

      Pioneers who settled this county were self-reliant and tough. (Mine were too, they were just a bit south). But they also knew how to help each other through tough times, and that’s really the only reason you and I are here. Let’s get to it!


  3. Tom,
    Stop commenting about things you know nothing about. Monte School board members have nothing to do, concerning firing of teachers. That’s a tenure union thing. Once a teacher attains, what is called, “tenure” it takes an ” Act of Congress” to get rid of them.
    It is the probation period ( there years) evaluation period that determines if a teacher should be granted tenure. That evaluation is determined by the principal.

    ED NOTE: Are you telling me the school board doesn’t sign the contracts and approve them? So the teachers union fires them? And people run around with a straight face talking about how important the kids are?

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