Oil Trains traffic actually double what residents are told – perhaps more

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I thought everyone would like to see the Q13 report on our neighbors up in Everett dealing with oil trains.  In a nutshell, the people were told to expect oh maybe 9 oil trains coming through a week…..(sound familiar?)  but when some of the residents went out and actually started to count them…..it was 16, and they only watched the tracks 50% of the time.

Grays Harbor can expect the same thing.  We are being deliberately lied to – by everyone involved.  The people in this county better wake up, and quickly.  That Port of Grays Harbor is not working in our interest.  I don’t blame the oil train companies.  This is a Port Commissioner issue.  They are letting them in here, despite the lies and danger.  Why?


3 thoughts on “Oil Trains traffic actually double what residents are told – perhaps more

  1. Lies involving numbers of trains are certainly no surprise to me. Lies have been abundantly spread by our Port Commissioners and Port Administrator here in Grays Harbor… from the first public meeting, hosting Westway, Imperium, U.S Development at the Log Cabin in Aberdeen January, 2013. I remember it well. To a packed house of concerned, sometimes restless, anxious citizens, Gary Nelson, made his debut as the presenter of lies, assuring us of the safety of the proposed 110 additional crude oil trains through our county and our communities. Saying the DOC 111 were so well made that even if they derailed there was no chance of puncture and spilling into our Chehalis River. That was right before the crowd booed. Again, last fall, 2013–more lies from the Port. Port Commissioner Chuck Caldwell assured us, again, in Elma at The Chamber of Commerce-Meet the Candidates forum –these rail cars full of crude oil are safe; will not explode. In the process, accusing Ron Figlar-Barnes of using scare tactics, to win the Port Commissioner Race. That was also before the rail car explosions in Lac Megantic, Quebec, killing 47 people, then Alabama, North Dakota… Let us not get into Mr. Caldwell’s claim/promise of the 3 oil proposals providing over 100 good wage earning jobs…now down to 50…maybe 8…we’ll see? Numbers keep floating. We’ll also see about the truth of their proposed clean up plan when the first spill happens in Grays Harbor. What can I say? “People of the Lie.” Yes, we should wake up, but it costs a lot of money to fight the monied. We do what we can do waging battle against lies. WE shall be present and truth telling at The Founders’ Day Parade, June 28th, Aberdeen, Broadway. Please join us for more truth telling about trains, explosions, derailments and safety risks. BYOS (Bring your own sign)!

  2. It’s a parade! Founders’ Day. Feb. 28th. There may be exploding oil trains, and big birds with oil on their wings. Crazy, huh? Desperate? This is some of the scuttle butt I’ve heard…maybe an old Yellow Fig-Mobile reinvented as an anti oil rig. What fun. Come one. Come all. I said–BYOS–Bring Your Own Sign. March with us. How do you feel about the Crude Oil coming to Grays Harbor? Now is your chance–Wake up World. Wake up Grays Harbor. The Crude Oil Trains are coming–the time is now to speak up and be heard, or seen. Today, I worked on my truck sideboard signs, 4×4; cut them out with my skill saw. I’m so proud–working for the cause.
    P.S Bring your camera, if you come, Tom.

    ED NOTE: Oh I am so going.

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