VIDEO – Grays Harbor citizens speak out on Oil Trains

ED NOTE:  The editor of the Vidette recently penned an editorial for the newspaper concerning the “anonymous” supporters of bringing in the proposed oil trains to Grays Harbor.  It was not without a certain amount of controversy.  Some took issue with his giving status to those unwilling to sign their names.   Today, June 12th, 2014, a group of approximately 50 local Grays Harbor citizens met at the Furford building in Aberdeen Wa., for a talk by Knoll Lowney, an attorney, who spoke on the legal issues surrounding the coming oil trains.  We will be posting that meeting in another posting.

After the meeting, I asked those willing to come up to the camera to introduce themselves, say a bit about their opposition to the oil trains.  The video could have gone on much longer….but I think the point is made.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO – Grays Harbor citizens speak out on Oil Trains

  1. These are the people that these “anonymous” oil train supporters are afraid of? Do they look dangerous to you? I think our dear editor was snookered and behind the “anonymous” were port employees. And that is the danger of giving credibility to those unwilling to sign their name to what they write. Slap of the ruler to the back of the hand to the editor of the Vidette.

  2. So is there a plan to contact city council re: creation of ordinance to be followed by new laws before the EIS is completed?

  3. Great video! Robin makes a good point; if we got over using whale oil, we can get over this. I honestly can’t believe in 2014 sending oil tankers down rickety, basically unmanaged tracks is an actual option on the table.

  4. Five oil trains have exploded within the last year beginning with the explosion in the small town of Lac Megantic Quebec on July 6, 2013.

    The province of Quebec is seeking $409 million for cleanup and repair, and $50 million for the wrongful deaths of 47 people.

    We can’t say this won’t happen in Montesano or Elma. BNSF has the best tracks in America and averages 6 derailments per week. Google “Derailment Statistics” and see for yourself.

    The oil that will be travelling through Grays Harbor County is more flammable than traditional crude. A spark can ignite it.

    On one hand, the RAIL industry is asking the Federal Government to develop standards for safer tank cars. On the other hand, the OIL industry is asking the federal government to halt development of new standards, saying the tank cars are safe enough.

    If you’ve never seen a video of an oil train explosion, Google “You Tube Quebec Oil Train Explosion”.

    I urge the cities of Grays Harbor County to join Vancouver in passing resolutions urging the Governor and all agencies to deny permits for all construction projects which would increase oil train traffic through the State of Washington.

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