Let’s clear the air

housekeepingI’m getting emails today. There seems to be a few misconceptions around here. I am going to clean them up. This website is not a news organization, it is an opinion blog. A well read blog, but none-the-less, an opinion blog.

I go out of my way to allow those with differing opinions to comment, as well as pen a well written Guest Editorial when submitted. I need do neither, but I do.

While I do in fact support the protection of the harbor against the coming oil trains, that does not mean that I have suddenly “switched sides” and am now a reliable supporter of the liberal high taxing failed politics associated with the Democratic party around this place. If I had my way they would all be up on charges for destroying this county, fostering the good-ole-boy system, and keeping families in poverty as pets – brought out of their cages every two years to vote as they are told and given treats.

I am tired of the so-called caring left around here forcing retired people on fixed incomes to choose between medication and food to pay for their utopia of wealth redistribution. I am going to fight it everywhere I see it. If you are upset, I highly suggest you find some other place to read.

I don’t care if I like a candidate or not, if they are going to stick their hands in the pockets of the home owners to buy votes, I am going to work as hard as I can to get rid of them. I don’t couch either my motives or actions.

The politicians around here don’t give a twit about those who worked all their lives to buy a small home for retirement and on a fixed income. To them, those houses are theirs to tax to the ground. Two to three hundred dollars a year may not mean much to you, but to some it is the difference between being able to buy Xmas presents for their grandkids or not.

If nobody else will fight for those people and the hard working young families trying to make a better life for themselves, I will. Those who feed at the public trough are well enough represented around here.

Frankly, I’m holding back.

Let me be crystal clear. If you are one of these Democrats who have helped destroy four generations of families in this harbor with your lackeys in the county commission offices, you should immediately drop to your knees, face Aberdeen and Hoquiam, lift your arms in the air and beg forgiveness from the tens of thousands of mothers and fathers that you allowed to pass down to their children the lowered expectation of the life you sell and thrive on. You may have ruined four, but I’ll be damned if I will let you ruin a fifth without a fight.

As for picking one candidate over another. Well tough. I meet them, I ask questions, I observe what they do and what they say – and then make a decision. I then do my write ups and go overboard explaining why I have come to my decisions. I could care less if I like them or not. I don’t do emotional politics.

Never fall in love with a politician, they will only break your heart.

If that isn’t clear enough for you…..go somewhere else.

5 thoughts on “Let’s clear the air

  1. Actually, I appreciate your blog, Tom, and have Al Smith to thank for referring me to it, so I could read about his position on the oil trains, which I consider to be a life changing challenge for everyone in our community. Some of the other issues here are not quite as clear, and merit further study, since we all have our own interests to consider, as well as paths to compromise, and achievable solutions, rather than disagreement, and deadlock. Just saying, open discussion is a good thing, albeit occasionally, uncomfortable.

  2. Please don’t forget that our property taxes don’t just vanish into thin air- they pay for services we need and that may be crucial to our lives. If you want to reduce these taxes, please also tell us what you are willing to do without? and who you are willing to leave on the sidewalk?

    This is a balancing act, not a black and white issue- and while opinions are fine, polemics to drive up web traffic leave me cold. I’m disappointed that you seem to have no interest in reasonable people working out policies for community well being and prefer the “why don’t you guys fight” approach.


    ED NOTE: YEs Yes Yes….the oft touted services. Well we will be going into those services shortly. Wait till you see the benefit package of those “special” people in the public employee union that the last levy shift went for.

  3. An elderly person on a low fixed income is eligible for exemption from special levies, and can freeze their home value for property tax purposes: http://dor.wa.gov/docs/pubs/prop_tax/seniorexempt.pdf Is this working out in practice, for retired people? If you didn’t apply, you can get back what you overpaid.

    Also, someone with limited income on Medicare can get help to purchase prescription drugs through the “Extra Help” program, until the donut hole closes in 2020: http://www.medicare.gov/pubs/pdf/11493.pdf

    People over 60 on limited income can get food stamps to help with groceries. Only about 1/3 of elderly people who are eligible take this benefit, and the average benefit per person is about $100 per month: http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/snap-special-rules-elderly-or-disabled

    This is some of the assistance to the elderly that our taxes provide. Seniors who worked hard all their lives deserve to have adequate housing, food and medicine.

    Thanks for the great videos and the blog. I like to hear your opinions, and opinions of other contributors. You are providing a forum for the community.

    ED NOTE: Yes I heard that line about old people and property taxes as well so I looked into it. An old lady taking care of her sick mother making $20,000 a year make too much money. Don’t believe me? Check it out. it is total income in the home. Two people making $900.00 a month in social security, before they start taking out medicare no less are too rich to satisfy the county and get a frozen tax on their crappy little home they worked their whole life for. It is a sham. And forcing people to go on food stamps to pay property taxes should be criminal.

  4. Oh, and someone please show me the special services that our exorbitant tax money is going toward. The only new sidewalks I see are in the intersection, the only really good spot of roadway is the same spot. No where else in this town. Unless I am mistaken, of course.

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