2013 Bulldog Football wrap up

2013 bulldogs

We can finally exhale.  To a person and player, not a peep about the stadium fire and how it affected the team.  Montesanoites don’t complain.   Going on two full years now.

What we saw this year from the Montesano Bulldog football program was nothing less than epic.  Not to take a thing away from the 2012 State 1A championship team last year.  Not a thing.

The 2013 Montesano Bulldog football program was a master’s class in leadership training.  The seniors this year, the bulk of the team, never were able to run onto their own field and the history that envelops it.  They were never able to look over at the stands and see their friends and family.  Certainly they were present over the last two years on the road.  But it isn’t really the same.

This was not a championship year and a return to the Tacoma Dome, yet it was equally successful.  At the heart of the program are the Coaching staff led by the Chessmaster himself, Terry Jensen, and many other coaches.  Did they teach the fundamentals of the game?  Sure.  We were even able to have a winning season this year and go to state.  Something else was as work as well.

We as adults always wonder where the next generation of leaders come from.  “These kids today”, a common expression.  As far as Montesano is concerned, look to the 2012-2013 group of players and the adversity they excelled under.

Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to.  Things will never be fair.  What makes an individual strong and instills leadership is adversity and learning to deal with it.  I believe we are a lucky town to have these young men in it.  Future leaders in any field they choose.  For those of us who follow the program we will always remember these last two years as being not the dark stadiumless time, but one in which Montesano excelled.  Excelled through a group of kids who became men and showed all of us what real toughness is all about.

There is no doubt in my mind that should the new stadium start to fall behind, the school Superintendent himself will be out there with a shovel all spring.  Next year things will go back to normal.

For now though a personal thank you to the school, coaching staff, and players that are the Montesano High School Bulldog Football program.  From those of us who have bled on that field, and the little Bulldogs with wide eyes growing up to the sight, sound, and pageantry….dreaming of their own entrance onto that hallowed dirt.  Well Done.  Well Done.

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Bulldog Talk 10/10/13

montesanohelmitBulldog Talk

Every year we sort of start to notice break out players on the Bulldog football team.  Our last year favorite,  Zach Nelson has company this year.  Just a note about Zach, one of the nicest kids you ever would meet, but on game night it was like they let him out of a cage.  He hit like a college linebacker.

Prior to the first whistle in the opener against Aberdeen, last year superstar  and State Champion Cody Sampair called me over and whispered  “ hey, watch my brother Jacob this year.”  I figured it was big brother talk…..but he was right.  Oh boy was he right.

Montesano won over Rochester this last week by the skin of their chinny-chin-chin.  If you ask me, and you aren’t  but I’m going to give my opinion anyway, it was the sheer determination of #33 Jacob “get er done” Sampair.  His four touchdowns showed the spark I believe this year’s team needs.  Everywhere our 2013 Bulldog team is loaded with talent.   Make no mistake about it those four touchdowns wouldn’t have happened without the skilled play and maturity of senior QB #10 Noah Ewing and the Rocket  #20 Kenny Roy clearing holes.   So many more to list but space doesn’t permit here.  The whole team deserves a standing O.

I am in the camp that, sure I want them to win all the time, but personally it is more fun to watch the team progress through the year.   The team works hard, I watched a practice this week….oh brother do they work hard.   The Chessmaster – Coach Terry Jensen yelled sit, and for a moment….I wanted to sit.  Trust me on this one, just this one time.  Get out to a game this week.  You will have fun, I promise.  You can read and talk about Bulldog Power all day – but you really have to see it for yourself.

Montesano Bulldogs vs. Rochester Warriors Football 10/10/13

montesanohelmit   VS  3599572


FINAL  MONTESANO 32  ROCHESTER 31  great game.  Jacob get er done Sampair 4TDs


When:  Thursday Oct 10th 2013  7:00pm

Where:  Aberdeen / Stewart Field

Live Streaming:  UPDATE:  the replacement battery we were expecting to come in today didn’t arrive.  Sorry to announce that we won’t be able to live stream the game tonight.

State wide prep coverage:  statewidestats

NOTE:  This is one game we at MT have been looking forward to all year.  While we love our Bulldogs, the Rochester school / students/ and team are a great bunch.  If Monte can’t win it all, we always root for the Warriors.  They have a good team this year and it should be a fun game.

Montesano Bulldogs vs Forks Spartans Football 10/04/13

dogs     VS.    images-3

Final. Montesano 12. Forks. 14



Montesano Bulldogs 2-2  vs. Forks Spartans  1-3 (H)  League game.

WHEN:   Friday October 4th 2013 Start time 7:00pm

WHERE:  Forks Wa.


STATEWIDE PREP COVERAGE:  statewidestats.com  twitter @statewidestats

forksIn an effort to better understand the up coming game between the Montesano Bulldogs and the Forks Spartans,  Montesano Today made the three-hour drive and traveled this weekend to the city of Forks Washington.  Deep in the woods of the upper Olympic Peninsula, the city was clouded in fog and it’s usual light drizzle of rain.

Fortunately, we found a young couple resting off the side of the road and spending the day in a field not too far from the edge of town -  they were more than willing to give us their insight on the upcoming game this Friday night.

MTThank you for visiting with us, do either of you follow High School football?

edbellaEDWARD:  Well, not so much anymore, I spent way too many years in high school, but I do follow the game.  You shouldn’t pay too much attention to their record as it doesn’t reflect their talent.  Forks this year has some outstanding areas, first would be their special teams play and improving linebackers…..….

BELLA:  Excuse me, but really Edward?  Look, say what you want about Forks, I mean – we live here and everything, sort of – but if you want to talk about excitement you just have to love the Bulldogs.

EDWARD:  Cuddle cake, I don’t think you …..

BELLA:  Can I finish?  I have a friend that is really into dogs and stuff, and he has been showing me films of the Montesano Bulldogs.  Wow!  What a team.  That bulldog mascot is so cool.  I mean they were good last year, what with the championship and everything but…

EDWARD:  Dogs?  When has he been showing you films? Come on crinkle-nose, you can’t judge….

BELLA:  Eddie, my reason for living, I was talking.  Remember we talked about this.   Like I was saying the Bulldogs just have such a great bunch of players this year.  Most of them are playing both sides of the ball and excelling no matter what is asked of them.

MT: Do you have a favorite player Bella? 

BELLA:  It’s hard to pick just one.  One week it is  QB #10 Noah “Mr. Cool” Ewing – they way he just controls IMG_0765everything.  The next week that #31 Anthony Louthan catches my eye.  He just does things on the field that I can’t look away from.

EDWARD:  Just pick one already!

BELLA:  I can’t, they are just both so….so….Bulldogish.

EDWARD:  Let me get back to the game.  Sure Louthan is good, but really.  Is he a quarterback or a running back… they don’t………

BELLA:  Yes, both.  If you would let me finish Mr. knows everything about everything.  There is just so much more to Montesano.  The whole team really.   Sure they are having some problems, Woodland and Cascade Christian exposed the ball control weakness and vulnerability to the outside run.   I am sure this week Coach Jensen will have corrected the problems and open up a more robust passing game to take advantage of the REC/LB matchups that favor the Bulldogs.  Just be grateful those losses were non-league play.   And that #7 Tristin Darst.  Wow does he excite the crowd.

EDWARD:  The Magician? Give me a break I’ll show you some real magic…

MT:  At this point during the interview Bella began to cry and Edward just sort of vanished.  As it was getting dark, we decided to conclude the interview.


ED NOTE:  It is doubtful that we will be able to travel to Forks to stream the game live due to the lack of 4G LTE service needed to create a hot spot capable of upstreaming.  (Montesano Today is never granted stadium WiFi access) –  Our line on the game is Montesano +14.  We have to apologise for the recent Swami previews. (see earlier postings) – After last week, we discovered that he wasn’t a real Swami.  We are in the process of replacing him.

Montesano Bulldogs vs Woodland Beavers football 09/26/13




0626-2It started out bad, got worse, and eventually all fell apart.  Despite the moves by coach Terry “Chessmaster” Jensen, the Woodland Beavers continued their roll last Thursday evening over the Montesano Bulldogs.

The final score of 47 – 3 could have been worse.  Much worse.

Were it not for the outstanding play of the Bulldog defense, the route would have been much higher.  Players like #5 Logan “the Handyman” Truax , #4 Jordan Bussard , #65 Isaiah Pellegrino worked tirelessly the entire game and prevented additional Beaver scores working with the team.  The Magician,  #7 Tristin Darst,  reached into his hat several times, exciting the crowd, but in the end…..the Beaver defense was just too much.

The front line for Montesano, the “Brick Wall” , held, for the most part – leaving the Woodland team to take advantage of their size and speed – running at will on the outside and also showing a well honed passing game.

The Beaver special teams play was a sight to behold.   Woodland shut down Montesano on kickoffs,  and created big plays for themselves , setting up the powerhouse Woodland Quarterback #6 Hunter “the Destroyer” Huddleston with excellent field position for most of the game.   Montesano Today shout out to  Beaver player #1 Dillan Beckwith, their kicker.   This kid has a future at the college level.  Most solid kicker I can remember seeing at the high school level.  Ever.  #40 Eli “all the way” Whitmire is going to give fits to any team on their schedule this year.  If the Bulldogs are lucky enough to return to the closest thing  Montesano has had to a home in the last two years, the Tacoma Dome…we will be seeing these players again.  Hopefully the

Chessmaster will have a new opening gambit.

Montesano on offense sputtered and never really took off.  Mostly three and out possessions, again – thanks 0626-1to the skill, size, and speed of Woodland.  Coach Jensen tag teamed the QB position with #10 Noah Ewing and now healthy #31 Anthony Louthan, but nothing worked.

And then there were fumbles.

The Bulldogs had a hard time holding onto the ball.  I’m not going to say anything more about it.  It hurts too much.

Despite the loss, the Montesano team looked good.  I realize it is hard to justify that opinion with a 47 to 3 loss staring you in the face.  Ewing continues to show a very good control in the QB position.  Crisp clean hand offs etc.  #33 Jacob “get er done” Sampair is well….getting it done.  All of the offense is poised to explode.  It will come.  Trust me.

What impressed me the most about the Bulldogs was that they never gave up.  This game was over at the half, everyone knew it.  The Bulldogs came out and worked as hard as they could until the last minute.  That is class.

We will get them next time.

The Montesano Today player of the game is “the Handyman”  #5 Logan Truax.  It looked like he played every single position during the game from the stands.

The Montesano Mini Cheer entertained the crowd during halftime.  Lots of fun!

The Montesano Mini Cheer entertained the crowd during halftime. Lots of fun!


For some reason the software wouldn’t let me change the game name at the bottom title  bar…have to figure that one out for next time. Sometimes when you are on a hot spot things happen….Anyway….

4th quarter

3rd quarter



Montesano Bulldogs 2-1 (H) vs. Woodland Beavers 3-0   non conference game

WHEN:  Thurdsay Sep 26th 2013  start time 7:00pm

WHERE:  Stewart Field Aberdeen

LIVE STREAMING:  montesanotoday.com

(Statewide Prep football coverage see: statewidestats.com)

EDITOR NOTE:  While Montesano Today is completely in the bag for the mighty Montesano Bulldogs, we realize that with our stadium burned to the ground and problems finding a home to play in for the entire year, some of the far away schools students and fans, such as the Woodland Beavers,  may have some problems attending on the Thursday night games as they would normally do.  If one of the parents knowledgable about the team that makes the game wants to come over and help call it during the broadcast it would be nice.  I know alot of the Woodland kids would like to be there but on a school night it just isn’t practical.  I expect a large on-line viewing audience from Woodland this week.




David vs. Goliath?

One thing that comes with a state championship are the tests of your metal and strength.  One such test is coming this Thursday at Stewart field in Aberdeen (start time 7:00pm streamed live on montesanotoday.com)  as the still homeless Montesano Bulldogs 2-1 take on the 2013 Washington State High School football powerhouse Woodland Beavers 3-0.  And I do mean zero.

Woodland has ground their opponents into their victorious fee-fi-fo-fum dust this year,  averaging 325 yards of total offense and a whopping 43 points per game.   Equally and efficiently split between running and passing, the Beaver offense is a balanced sight to behold.  Scores such as the 74-0 lesson in prep football the Beavers imparted with dismissiveness against the smaller weaker Seton Catholic team last week, or the 40–0 school yard beating over Kalama, where they did everything but hold them upside down and shake out their lunch money after the game….. should strike concern in any opposing team taking the field against them.  In fact, the Woodland Beavers are so commanding, they have only allowed 7 points against them all year. (there is debate that the one and only score was a fluke)

Size, speed, coaching, talent….they have it all.

Enter the Bulldogs:


The still homeless defending 2012  Washington State 1A champion Montesano Bulldogs are not to be discounted.  The sober ying of field generalship executed deftly by Senior Quarterback #10 Noah Ewing  - combined with the impulsive yang of explosive talent such as  REC/DB #7  Tristin “the Magician” Darst and  RB/LB #33 Jacob “get er done”  Sampair has shown marked improvement over the last three weeks.   No, let me take that back.  It isn’t marked improvement, it is past that.  The coaching of Montesano has done what it always does.  Week by week – a slow steady grind of better and better.

As example, QB Ewing is gaining visible confidence at the position, evidenced by the bookend running touchdowns last week as well as his ability to now mix up his steady running game with a good, crisp passing arm.  The timing is coming together with his receivers – and he has a bunch of them all wanting the ball…..gimme gimme gimme.  Ewing’s workman approach to the position seems to be tempered with a developing centered Zen like calmness and control.  He has realized that the “ball wants to be caught”  and he is throwing with ease.

Incoming …….RB/LB #31 Anthony Louthan is healthy….watch out!   Based on his performance against Hoquiam in the pouring rain last week, he is hungry and loves to play in the mud.  By the way, the rainy season is just around the corner.

Talent in all areas of the Bulldog team has excelled….despite the fact than Montesano is such a small school,  and the players are forced to play iron man football on both offense and defense.  A luxury that larger schools are not forced to deal with in virtually every position.

While the Beavers are a menacing hulking team, the front line of Montesano, “the brick wall” , will face – perhaps? – their greatest challenge of the regular season this week in containing the Beaver offense.  When the Bulldogs switch sides to offense, the Montesano front line will be under equal pressure, as the Beaver program has virtually stopped any scoring against them this year.  Cold.   Bulldog players to watch this week on the line are #57 Oscar Hernandez, #56 Jake Massoth,  and #55 Evan Bialkowsky.    Their senior leadership on the line will set the tone.  This will be a physics lesson of the unstoppable force paradox.   Classically formulated as “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?”.

Why even bother playing the game?….you ask.  The Beavers are just too powerful…..they are destined to win it all this year, the rarified all-knowing sports writers love them.  No one could possibly stop them.

Yes, Montesano will face a great opponent this Thursday.  However, despite the statistics, ignoring the cosmicUnknown sense of destiny that surrounds the Woodland Beavers like an aura awaiting a crown….the Montesano Bulldogs possess perhaps the greatest intangible edge ever known in high school prep football.  Discussed in quiet corners throughout the state, often in hushed tones, and secretly envied from corner to corner of this state.  Yes – I speak of Bulldog Power.  That mysterious force that emanates and surrounds the colors of Maroon and Grey like a set of warm jammies right out of the dryer.   It can not be studied or quantified and is a mystery to the state-wide sports writers eagerly predicting the win and greatness of the Woodland team this week.

The Swami has heard similar stories of unbeatable entitled teams of destiny recently.  Stories of purpose and the Bulldogs inability to win against such power and greatness.   I might suggest asking the Kings, Mt. Baker, and Royal teams if they still believe them.

Line on the game.  Montesano +3

So says the Swami

mrsfarnsworthSECOND OPINION:  Mrs. Farnsworth over on Marcy Street.  “Oh dear, they are all such nice young men.  One of them helped me get Mr. Bityclaws off the garage roof this summer.  I would say our boys will win by at least twenty points.  More if they have a good dinner and a good rest.  A good rest is important.  Oh, and if they commit the linebackers to a more one on one coverage and forget the blitz, if they must, concentrate on the left side of the line, Woodland is weaker there, but it won’t work all game, they adapt too quickly.”

ED NOTE:  We here at Montesano Today agree with Mrs. Farnsworth.


peeweePeeWee Sanders:  My favorite player this year is #55 Evan “Roadblock” Bialkowsky.  My Dad says if I exercise and go to bed early I can be a Bulldog some day too.  I want on the front like like Roadblock.  That is where the action is and nobody is getting by me too.  Hear that Elma I’m talking to you.   Bulldogs by 10.

Contact the Swami below.  Letters subject to posting.


We are taking down the contact form as I tried to reply to one of the letters but it just didn’t work right….thanks for writing re the nicknames…..Ok, I turned on the comment section below….they are moderated – so keep it clean.


dj1aBULLDOG POWER –  fat beat preformed by famed Montesano Hip Hop artist DJ Mon-te with Erin “Chilltown” McGoo, the Queen of Fleet street…one tyme   YO


Hate mail of the week

complaint boxI love my hate mail.  The following is one of the better ones this week:

Comment: Although I have found several errors and strange opinions in your articles concerning the Monte Bulldog football team and their opponents. It is obvious you don’t have a lot of experience watching or reporting football, but I had to correct you on this one- Jason Ronquillo is not even on the Hoquiam coaching staff anymore.  Also having game tape archived online is a huge disadvantage to Monte, as upcoming opponents have all the game tape to study that they normally would not have unless they sent someone to each game to video tape, which a lot of schools don’t do. The teams with the better football programs like Monte typically only have game tape of their next opponent, from that teams previous week’s game, because they have sent someone with a video camera to that game.

Time: September 18, 2013 at 12:37 pm

Well, I don’t know where to begin on this one.  First thank you for the name correction, I guess the Hoquiam team needs to update their information on the web but have made the correction…thank you.  Help is always appreciated.  Your concerns about filming were discussed in advanced with the Sup. of Schools here prior to turning on a camera and we do in fact have permission.  Give it a try sort of thing.  While we don’t need permission, I thought it best to ask first.  The information was and is displayed on the SHOW VIEWER PAGE for all to see before we started streaming.  I guess already having it all over Youtube already ….it didn’t make much of a difference.   With all the schools subscribing to hudl.com and sharing game films now, your comment is a couple of decades out of date.  The genie left the bottle over a decade ago…..there is no going back.

Third, I post the following letter exchange from a parent and grand-mother I received last week.  Many of the children playing from the visiting schools have parents stationed overseas in the military and we received heartfelt thank you letters for being able to watch their sons, some for the first time.

Dear Montesanotoday,
I want to thank you.  We are a military family stationed at Ft. Lewis and our kids presently attend Cascade Christian in Puyallup.  Your broadcast of the game tonight (Friday, 13 September) was a blessing for our family.  Since we live so far from extended family, there hasn’t yet been a chance for the grandparents to watch a football game.  Our son is a senior this year, and this was a treat for his grandparents.  THANK YOU!!  I (mom) also wasn’t able to attend this evening, so I am thankful to have watched your broadcast also.
another one:

Hello, this is one of the Grandparents referred to earlier. Hundreds of miles between us keep us from being at those games. It was wonderful to see the plays and hear the crowd roar. I think I could even smell the smell of that lovely Fall evening. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, a heart full of love for that great kid in jersey #68. Blessings, (proud to be) Grandma

There are so many more from Bulldogs who have moved away, some like Ben in California who graduated in the class of 52, write and call with tears in their eyes….not having been able to see a game in fifty years or more.  In short, it isn’t about you and me.

Now, as for your comment about my not knowing what I am doing.  You are correct.  I don’t. I say it all the time.  Apparently it is good enough for some people though.  I have asked for help so many times I am tired of asking.  When people such as yourself decide to actually help, perhaps….I can do a better job.  I try and hit as many games as I can.  But here is the deal…..at least I am trying.

Thank you so much for writing…..Tom

Montesano Bulldogs vs. Hoquiam Grizzlies 09/20/13

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 7.17.09 PM

Final. Montesano 35. Hoquiam 0




Game preview – Montesano Bulldogs vs. Hoquiam Grizzlies

Montesano 1-1 Hoquiam 0-2

When: Friday Sep 20th 2013

Where: At Hoquiam start time 7:00pm

Live Streaming: UPDATE:  I am iffy on being able to be in town the next few Friday nights but will notice here if able to make the game and stream via Montesano Today.

Swami Says

swamisaysHoquiam is only one of two teams that found a way to beat the defending Washington State 1A Champion Bulldogs last year. This year may be a different story.

The Hoquiam coach has his hands full with a very inexperienced team this year. But perhaps…just perhaps…..this will work to their advantage.

Enter Bubba.

I always add seven points to a team with a “Bubba” for a quarterback. The bright spot to the loss Hoquiam suffered against Aberdeen last week, make that a thumping – was the entrance late in the game of third string Freshman (that’s right I said Freshman) quarterback #15 Bubba Dick. A tall lanky kid that doesn’t know he shouldn’t be there. As such, he played his heart out and showed the division that talent has a habit of coming out of nowhere (remember Tom Brady)….fast. Will the Grizzly coach abandon his best-laid-plans for the season and go with the unknown? Will the older team mates rally around this pure talent and forget he just got out of middle school? The Swami says yes.

Give Hoquiam a couple of games to adjust and watch out. There is other talent on the team, they just need a spark.

Regardless of the starting quarterback problems in Hoquiam, the Montesano Bulldogs should have no problem in holding the Grizzlies at bay. The Brick Wall of Montesano on both DL and OL will control the Grizzly running game. The speed of Montesano players like #20 Kenny Roy and #7 Tristan “the Magician” Darst (now you see him….now you don’t) – will cause enough problems in the backfield that Hoquiam will have a difficult time getting the ball into the end zone.

On offense for Montesano, you can bet your maroon and grey bippy that Coach Terry Jensen has spent the last week correcting the fumble problems that surfaced during the Cascade Christian loss last week. It won’t be happening again.

Bulldog QB Noah Ewing showed us that in addition to outstanding field management, he has an arm as well. Unleash the beast! Hopefully injured quarterback #31 Anthony Louthan will be healed enough to give Jensen his one two punch he so desperately wants to show us.

Bulldog Running back and Linebacker #33 Jacob Sampair……Jacob Sampair…..Jacob Sampair – get used to hearing the name.

Line on the game – Montesano 31 Hoquiam 10 (if Bubba starts – Montesano 31 Hoquiam 21)

So says the Swami

Montesano Bulldogs vs Cascade Christian Football 09/13/13

Final. Cascade Christian 21. Montesano Bulldogs 7





091313-10 091313-11 092323-12

GAME WRAP UP: First, as is painfully obvious to anyone who was watching on the live stream of the game I was doing, your humble broadcaster is no sports reporter, but I am trying.  And like the 2013 Montesano Bulldogs…I will get better.

Starting with the bad.  Monte had a bad case of the fumblies.  The score most probably would have been reversed had the Dawgs been able to hold onto the ball on offense.  I am a fan of Senior QB Noah Ewing.  Where the explosive #31 Anthony Louthan reminds me of a young John Elway, #10 Ewing reminds me of a young Terry Bradshaw.  Different styles.  Ewing is a nose-to-nose grind it out ball control Quarterback.  With the injury to Louthan, Ewing is having to grow up…..fast.  I have no doubt that Coach Jensen will make the adjustments and each game will show improvement.

The Good.  I try not to make comparisons with the championship team of last year.  Not being able to help myself,  I say the following with all the due respect the 2012 team is worthy of.  The 2013 team may be even more loaded with talent.


On both the OL and DF line, players Evan Bialkowsky, Jake Massoth, Oscar Hernandez, and Byron Peterson combine for about a ton of not- so -much fun for visiting teams.  They are gelling fast, along with the rest of the defense.  The brick wall is executing at the mid season level already.  Hat tip to defense coaching staff.

On offense, Logan Truax, Tristan Darst (who seems to be everywhere all the time), and Jacob Sampair are flat out explosive.  Jacob doesn’t remind me as much of his older championship team brother – as he does the firecracker Zack Nelson from last year.  Watch this kid.  Rounding out the big play offensive players was Tanner Birdsall, who was having his number constantly called by the stadium announcer.

Number 20, Kenny Roy.  Besides being savy on defense, you should see this kid run.  Open field or through defenders.  He can catch the ball as well,  and people will be constantly commenting all season “good hands”.   His timing with QB Ewing is improving.  If these two get their play in synch….watch out, Ewing has an arm as well.

The 2013 Montesano Bulldogs are loaded with raw talent.  We are in for a fun and exciting season.  The ball bounces funny and game to game predictions are impossible.  I can predict that coach Terry Jensen will have his hands full herding this group but in the end – he will have a powerhouse of a team.  They have the potential to have people saying  2012 who?

Lastly, keep your eye on number 4, Jordan Bussard and number 18 Kody Usher.  It just goes on doesn’t ti?

NOTE:  Congratulation to the Cascade Christian Cougars.  A well coached and talented group.  On returning to my office there was a letter from Beth H. and am printing it below.  While we here at Montesano Today want the Bulldogs to win every game all the time, we realize that the visiting schools love their teams too and are happy to have them log into our live streaming.  Well, maybe except Elma.

Dear Montesanotoday,
I want to thank you.  We are a military family stationed at Ft. Lewis and our kids presently attend Cascade Christian in Puyallup.  Your broadcast of the game tonight (Friday, 13 September) was a blessing for our family.  Since we live so far from extended family, there hasn’t yet been a chance for the grandparents to watch a football game.  Our son is a senior this year, and this was a treat for his grandparents.  THANK YOU!!  I (mom) also wasn’t able to attend this evening, so I am thankful to have watched your broadcast also.

NOTE: We have some pretty good statistics via our live show viewer, upon review, it was indeed interesting.  Now I have no way of knowing if the people logged in to watch the game were fans of Montesano or Cascade Christian that were logging in from India, Romania, and the Czech Republic……but a shout out to the fans from far off corners of the world who were watching the game live on Montesano Today.  We here at MT, of course, assume that the world wide interest…… were devout Bulldog fans.  I will be brushing up for the next game …so to our Romanian fans  bun venit – and to the Czechs vítejte.  Not to leave out the dozen viewers from India - स्वागत.


Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.13.25 AMPREVIEW: Montesano Bulldogs 1 – 0 vs Cascade Christian 1 – 0

When: Friday Sept 13th 2013 Start time 7:00pm

Where: Stewart Field – Aberdeen

STREAMING: live streaming of the game via Montesano Today on our SHOW VIEWER



CONNECT: connect with fans at #montebulldogs on Twitter

Montesano continues to play on the road with the new stadium construction. Make no mistake, Cascade Christian is a good team, they are always talented and well coached. Where they have an edge on Montesano in the returning seasoned starting QB and WR, they lose it in the starting unseasoned OL and DL. Montesano will be dominant with their brick wall consisting of hard scrabble front line veterans of Bialkowsky, Massoth, and Peterson.

So early in the season and losing three of their starting 5 OL will hurt them. Montesano should own the front line, on both OL and DL.


swamisays Prediction – While contemplating the game in my garden, a lone butterfly beat it’s wings mightily, reminding me of the seemingly tireless nature of the Montesano Bulldogs.

Cascade Christian is a good team and will score. While an improving team at the varsity level, the Cascade Christian JV record was impressive – last year 6-2.

Montesano has the edge in experience though, as their younger players received so much playing time at the varsity level, in effect, most all Monte players are experienced…..including at the championship level of play.

The Montesano Bulldog bench is deep….very deep. It is early in the season and the Bulldogs are still coming together as well, so CC will score, but my line is Bulldogs 34 Cascade Christian 21 …… So says the Swami

EDITOR NOTE follow up:  We at Montesano Today must apologize to the readers as we incorrectly interpreted his pictograms. We have taken necessary steps to correctly decipher his submissions.


NOTE: Our first live streaming last week went very well, this week the big camera and things are coming out. I had a nice student helping me a bit last week at the roll out and need someone to come by and help call the came. Find me……It is difficult to run everything and call the game as well. I could use a little help…tom

NOTE TO CASCADE CHRISTIAN FANS: First, All of us here are hoping for a win, that said, I have had a chance to meet so many of you over the years that we here at Montesano Today are well aware you love your team too. Cascade Christian is a great high school. We are more than pleased to have you log onto our live streaming so you can watch your players and the game live. Someone let me know your twitter hashtag and I will be happy to announce it for you. If someone that is making the road trip would stop by, I won’t be hard to find at the game, I would be happy to put you on air and tell us a little about your players. Tom