Protesters descend on Olympia over threat of forced Vac/camps

I wanted to pass on a Seattle Times story that just broke. The protest was over Inslee and his merry band of unelected authorities and a possible inclusion of people not being vaccinated added to the list of people that could be rounded up and put in state camps. I’m not making this up. Of course they are now saying it is all misinformation. I’ll bet.

I don’t have any of the answers you are looking for as to the truth/untruth of anything here. That isn’t what interested me and shouldn’t be what interests you. The fact you have hundreds and thousands of people descending on your state capital worried about forced vaccinations that don’t actually either vaccinate or even stop transmission should. Let alone even the possibility of locking people in camps. Our Dear Leader Inslee is certainly capable of it. Thousands of comments on the Times article. Posting so fast your can’t even read them.

Something is in the air. Oh, and I have questions. Would there be cable in the camps? Forced work? I’m too old to work in the fields but would act as an overseer. I’d be good at it too and keep them working. Lazy unvaccinated. Is there re-education? If so more aversion Clockwork Orange stuff or physical? No wait, trust circles and robes. Ya! And what is the evening snack situation? Come on, this isn’t Venezuela.

Anyway, I wanted to pass on so you can see just how quickly and how much anger is brewing. The pot hasn’t blown the top off yet, but it is coming. Inslee is screwing with people’s kids now… could get ugly.

One of the organizers was Joe Kent, a Congressional candidate WA-3 here in the state who is making a lot of noise nationally. Here are a couple of his postings on the event.

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