Montesano vs. Raymond

Ed note:  while going through an old box,  I realized that the following was never turned in.  It is a half century late, but a commitment to the Montesano High School English Department is a commitment.  ______________________________ Montesano vs. Raymond  Spring 1969 THE ASSIGNMENT The meeting was at noon.  “Good,” I said to myself.  “This... Continue Reading →

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Bloodthirsty Beavers invade Montesano

PSA: Montesano Wa. It isn't often we find ourselves beset by our local wildlife. At least it hasn't been often......... Montesano Today has conducted an extensive investigation into the strange disappearance of local foul and unusual occurrences in the dark woods surrounding this sleepy town. Our findings, presented here, are a cautionary tale. Have our... Continue Reading →

The Reckoning

I really have to state up front, I am having a great deal of fun watching the fallout. From these morons walking down the street wearing masks....(lets not forget the real morons driving wearing a mask) parents finally waking up to what is going on with their kids. But I'm not going to get into... Continue Reading →

Election Autopsy Nov 2021

Locally , eh....who cares. I am happy that the misery, although somewhat tempered, will continue in Seattle. We are making bank here in Montesano! The worse it gets there the more money we make. Our houses are going up yet again. Predicted another 10% this year. will be 20-30%. Gold chains and motorcycles for... Continue Reading →

The Greed of Men

Greed How do you quantify the seismic news event of yesterday?  Break it down into its core element.  It’s not easy and subjective. On its face, we have a sitting Governor that is threatening…..yes….threatening the very citizens he is supposed to be serving.   By now you are all aware of his step two.  (wait... Continue Reading →

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