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This is a place I use for little things that don’t warrant a blog entry. Notices etc.


4 Sept 2020: – oh, and that 0.04% death rate is mostly nursing home deaths.  Keep wearing masks like good little boys and girls and kill the state economy.


13 Aug 2020 –  How could I have been so stupid?  You mean to tell me schools allow kids to run around all day with cell phones?  I just assumed they were left at home or in the office or something.  Allowed in the classrooms?  Do these Marxist teachers realize they have RECORD buttons on them?  I’m getting hammered. Apparently there are a bunch of pissed off parents around the county.  One thing this lockdown has done is given parents a whole bunch of time to talk to their kids.  Many are finding out what has been going on. The only thing stopping me from getting into this is I don’t want to give the Dist Supers more grief.  They have enough on their plate right now.   Critical mass is building.

12 Aug 2020 – Well I see today that Jay Inslee has taken the 40 million the feds gave him to give to local people struggling with covid related issues and decided to give it to illegal aliens instead.  I have to admit am laughing my ass off.  You morons that could have used the money right now for food and rent who voted for him are getting exactly what you deserve.  Four more years!

11 Aug 2020 – Big Montesano Today interview with the players of the nightly Portland/Seattle riots with a local tie in.  You aren’t going to want to miss it.  Stay tuned.

10 Aug 2020 – Scheech…..only been posting again for what a week?  Am already being hammered with audio and video submissions.  Marxist teaching to the kids, more.  Looks like a bunch of pent up pissed off Montetonians out there.  Look, I don’t know if I am going to do the video studio things again or not.  Its a lot of work and frankly I don’t like to do things that feel like work anymore.  I haven’t decided if you guys are worth it again or not.  Juicy stuff though.


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