Learning to be self reliant

Learning to be Self Sufficient in Montesano

NOTE: This section is coming in 2022

Over the years, more of a hobby really, I have tried to learn to be more self reliant. It is an art form. I have also come to realize just how soft, unable to feed ourselves, and ignorant we have all become.

I have an acre here on the west side of town with a 1/4 acre pond fed by Sylvia Creek. Horrible sun with trees blocking most everything. A nightmare to grow things. So if I can do it….you should be able to do better. A few good Off Grid websites if you want to learn from the pros. OFF GRID WORLD

Local Blackberries

Coming up with fresh fruit isn’t difficult around these parts. Its literally under your feet.

This article goes into detail on our area fruit harvest and storage for year round usage.