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Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.24.25 AM3 AUG 15 –  What is coming in the future.  As you are all aways, we, or I, dominate the newspapers and radio in the area.  Thousands of Facebook pages.  The City of Aberdeen went into a complete meltdown last month when I only mearly suggested that messing with traffic could…..could mind you…..send business to Olympia.  Complete panic.  Why even the Mayor here panicked and did a press release on the city of Montesano website about me.    Even though I said no such thing.   And the power I now hold and control over the media and actions of our officials is now complete!

The media is mine.

We here at Montesano Today have moved beyond the internet.  It is too small for us  5-10 thousand a day is not enough for us.  We desire a wider reach.  Soon, we will be releasing information about our new presence.

At an appointed date and hour, I will be appearing in holographic form in Fleet Park here in Montesano.  There you may gather and hear my messages.  You may use your recording devices and spread my messages.  We, I, have transended and no longer need the internet.

Stay tuned for details.


We have had such a good amount of fun making areas videos that we are going strictly to them and have been porting over all week ….its supposed to be fun and light and much easier for me to keep up. Ill get more up it just takes a while on a switch over like this.  The new youtube channel also allows direct LIVE STREAM capability with little to no text…..something I have been going more and more to….fun area to do.  Have to port over more video to the format….be patient.  Vacation this week….wedding next week…  In the mean time it will be much easier for you  than using this wordpress format.  Which is buggy as heck sometimes.

We are also going to be going toward the strictly live format that I have been talking about this summer.   We wanted to keep it going through the primary which is pretty much over and now the focus will be on the LIVE VIEWER going forward.  When you go to the new page there will be sections for LIVE NOW as well as COMING LIVE…its the future, embrace it..Instead of having to maintain things in an archive format , this will allow a more topical 30 day format and life span.  Sometimes I think even 30 days is too long and would prefer 7 , things move at a much faster pace these days…… but we will see…..OLD VIDEOS:  my wordpress storage act was up on the 28th of July,  Its 20 buck for ten gigs of storage and each good sized video can take that much so everything is now going to youtube.  Im not going to pay for the storage.  Video is so large it is the only option.  Will port over some but most are now not topical and I don’t see the point of the trouble.   Really looking forward to what we talked about all summer, being able to bring some of the beauty of the area to  you as Linda and I move into retirement…….Tom


31 Jul 15 – My endorsement for the Mayor race

It isn’t much of a secret, hell, I lectured on it for twenty years. I came back from the Viet Nam war a complete mess. Damn draft! Addicted to pain pills from a series of knife wounds, a hopeless drunk, heading downhill fast. Frankly, I should be dead or in jail right now. Dead probably. The years 1976-79 a complete blank. I mean gone.

If it wasn’t for this town and a good woman……I would be dead.

It is the everlasting quality of this place and its people. It can heal the soul. Maybe there is something in the water, but to this day I credit the town itself for saving me. It is the reason I care so much about it.

It truly hurts to see the police state that is being established here in town. There is no end the administration will go to to silence their enemies. Or worse their perceived enemies. No level of scum too low. They have run Marisa Salzer out of town and are currently trying to run me out. By any means possible. The council working to protect the administration instead of the citizens. By any means possible. Silence anyone who dares shine a light into the public buildings of our town. We have become corrupt.

The Mayor is not capable to acknowledge any of he many many scandals that surround him and the people who orbit him. I don’t hide behind women’s skirts to do my dirty work. You may not like my blog, but at least I come at you face to face.

I don’t have much use for someone like this. If you do, you vote for him.

The give away of our city waterfront was enough for me. Just given away due his claiming not to have read the contract. Just given away. Our entire waterfront and it wasn’t even important enough to show to the city attorney. Your children will never walk on the Montesano 50 acre waterfront. It is now a private park for a rich developer.

And there is so much more.

I support either Tyler Trimble or Vini Samuel for the job. Both are good people. I’ll take that as a qualification.

The Montesano I needed desperately in the 70s may or may not be there when needed in the future, but it is up to all of us who truly are connected to the place to ensure its survival. If for no one else, than the sinners that need it ……like me.  TOM

NOTE: 1 Aug – I have had so many letters asking for more on my story that I have posted it below. I am always happy to talk about this. There are a bunch of Vets out there that need all of us aware of the problems. SEE BELOW BOTTOM OF PAGE

(Carol, what a lovely letter….thank you for sending in the donation to the area South Sound  VA hospital system.  I use them myself and they give great care.  Yes it was bad…..I woke up hooked up to machines, they told me I was there for three months, but last thing I remembered was Gerald Ford being president.  Less than two years later I was in college on the GI Bill across state ……again, Montesano saved me.  We need to save it….Tom)





Our first live stream and message to the citizens of Montesano


The Montesano Waterfront Give Away

A half hour program on the scandal involving the lost nearly fifty acre waterfront here in Montesano under the watch of Mayor Ken Estes – you don’t want to miss this one.

Marijuana in Montesano

A half hour program looking at the 502 law one year into practice…..its not what you might think.


vinimayor Vote change and restore Montesanotrimblesign

1 Aug 15 – People think you don’t want to talk about things that are painful to remember, but that isn’t true. For years I talked as much as possible about it, but you get older and just don’t relate to the young folk like you were able. And we didn’t have internet back then – you actually had to go someplace.

When I put my story up as part of my endorsement for the primary this week, I started getting letters from other Vets and parents of kids going through similar things. In the end, all we have ever had is the support of each other.

Recently the VA has been big in the news for lack of care to the Vets coming home from this, the latest meat grinder. I don’t think you find any of us who whet through it after Viet Nam all that surprised.

I was sliced up pretty good in the back. I still have some pretty nasty scaring. In my case I was cut so deep that ever since that day back in the early 70s and to this day today, I live with pain. I can function, you learn to do that, but its not a life you an average reader know anything about.

Back then, if you were lucky you would see a Staff Sergeant. And the treatment was medication. And the stronger the better. Good experimental stuff too. “here, try this” And as much as you wanted. Hell, you didn’t even have to lie. I remember one base that there must have been a couple hundred of us walking dead that would meet in groups at the base hospital parking lot on mondays and fridays when the candy was flowing and exchange meds. It was a drug free for all. Officers too, there was no rank out in that parking lot.

There was no rehabilitation. There were no doctors. There was no pain management. Certainly no mental services. There was nothing. And keep in mind…..I was one of the lucky ones. I still had my arms and legs. I didn’t have to wait for someone to come by and give me drugs. I could get all I wanted. Free.

Medication affects everyone differently. In my case I just shut down. After a couple years of pumping your body with this stuff in ever increasing levels just to keep the pain away and be able to function you can’t take enough. I mean literally you can’t take enough. They just stop working. This is the point where most people make the move to heroin and the such. Luckily for me, or un luckily depending on your point of view, I started mixing more and more with alcohol.

That is a toxic stew my friends let me tell you.

Sure you could exit the service, probably get a disability of some sort, not enough money back then. Remember we were a draft service, they didn’t have to pay us anything like they do now with a volunteer service.

Leave the service? Are you crazy? Thats where you get your drugs….they were free! As much as you wanted and ever stronger and even more. And drinks were only 25 cents a piece at the NCO club! It was paradise. It is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t seen it. A government providing drugs to large amounts of people to control them and keep them functioning. Managed by enlisted kids who were popping the caps just for fun. About this time Disco hit and cocaine hit the streets. It got real crazy then. I was never attracted to that stuff, but it was everywhere. The government tried to counter the cocaine problem on the streets by pumping out more pills. Crazy huh. Different times.

And everybody knew. They were just waiting for us to die, and die we started to do.

I functioned into 1976 and started going in and out. I remember a few trips to the hospital….waking up in a bed and you guessed it……more drugs! Back to duty. I remember one time standing in front of a First Sergeant and him trying to get me to quit the service and hating him so much for trying to come between me and the base doctors and their life saving bags of drugs that kept me walking. Hating him.

Eventually though your body and mind breaks down and this is the danger point. This is the point where overdose usually takes care of the problem, some of us make it through to the other side but as to how, I doubt it is much more than a blur to anyone relating a similar situation.

There are parts of the following two years I see in sort of pictures. Faces, places. Even a stupid television show for some strange reason. Not much else. I would wander, mind and body shut down.

Eventually they keep bringing you back and even the service realizes you are uncontrollable. Why they didn’t just discharge me earlier amazes me to this day. They let it go on until I was unable to function and literally gone. I mean I would come to in another state! After the two year break they finally got the message.

They want to get rid of you and do. They just aren’t set up for problems. I wan’t a good little soldier anymore.

Turns out it was the best thing for me, but divorcing your drug dealer is a difficult thing to do.

What most in the civilian community don’t understand is that the military health system then, the old comparison….military medicine was to medicine as military music is to music.

They didn’t have doctors everywhere, that is a television myth. You saw a fellow enlisted man on a hospital visit. Sometimes right out of basic training. I only remember seeing one actual doctor. All anyone knew how or what to do was dispense drugs. We were too stupid to know any better than to take what they gave us and ask for more. Pill bottles everywhere at duty stations, everyone just helped themselves to what was there. There was so much of it.

Drinking? Oh, that was a part of the life. Everyone got drunk every night. And at the age of 18 I learned it very quickly with excellent teachers. Party all night hung over all day. That was the life. I did one tour in Taiwan that I can honestly say attended at least 300 going away parties in a year. At least. And they were all nighters….we had girls there!

Bitter? Not really. More so when I was younger. Again, I was lucky and got through it. I had the GI Bill to pay for college waiting for me when I cleaned up and was able to change my life. Cleaned up? Wait that sounds too clean…coming out of a coma is more accurate.

Today, I still feel the pain with every step, but today we have pain management that doesn’t involve drugs. They figured out drugs don’t work with pain. We were a whole generation that taught them that. Excellent laboratory subjects. They paid us off with the GI Bill and VA home loan certificates. Both of which I am grateful for….don’t get me wrong.

I haven’t drank since and as you would suspect respect the hell out of a doctors prescription. I am pretty good at managing pain and don’t need the stuff. You just get used to it. Pain to me isn’t what it is to you.

I don’t think there were any of us back then that thought for a second we would involve ourselves in another war that wasn’t a war. Do what they did to us to other generations. Most of us took some sort of pride that our sacrifice would ensure others wouldn’t have to go through it. I use the VA health system today, and it is much much better but still has a long way to go.

Today we see the same things don’t we? Endless police actions around the world and no health care for the Vets when they come home. I’m too old now to know the kids coming back from this latest war too old to relate to them. I assume their health care is better. I don’t know. But I do encourage any of them reading this and needing help to bypass the system and make a stink. That is the only thing they understand in the end.

For organizations here, I have a canned presentation I have given for decades on this and am always happy to address groups.

(Mark, thank you for the letter.  It is of general interest and putting here.  Yes!  I completely agree.  I got lucky and got a judge who was interested in saving lives and to this day bless him at every opportunity.  It is pretty sobering to have a judge wag his finger at you and tell you if you screw up you are going to jail.    ….but even then, it stuck.  Thank God.   Couple years on probation and I got off easy…..easy…….  If you are smart you will listen.  Its a lot easier to lock people up than it is to help them.  I also agree that the justice system gets a bad rap.  But you have to want the help, I think that is where the problem really lies.  I don’t know how it works today, but they were there to help me when I needed it. I just don’t know how it all works today.  Back in the 80s  I worked with a lot of at risk youth caught up in the justice system and my advise was always the same.  Treat them as teachers.  They aren’t the enemy and if you just ask for help, they will bend over backward to give it to you.  And join a church.  Support is everything.  There are hundreds of at risk kids in this county right now, and we do nothing but wait until it is too late for them.  Having been one of those kids…..  Ya… bothers me. )