Final Curtain Dec 31st 2015


Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 6.14.54 AMAs I told everyone last fall we would be wrapping up by first of the year…..well, tomorrow is the first of the year.   Going to be busy out of state on some interests.  Now that I have mostly retired I have time to do some things.  Most everyone knows I do a lot of work with Veteran outreach organizations and for the past six months been developing web sites to that end and working with a group that will be taking most of my free time.  Looking forward to taking some of what I learned doing this site and making a difference there as well.

Still some things to do here, but will be behind the scenes, all of my goals were met.

Been a fun ride and with an email list of over 5,000 now may activate it down the road if something big happens.

over two million direct site views (that I could track and another zillion on Facebook repostings and youtube)……in a county of 70,000 people…..not bad…..not bad at all.


New Montesano Mayor Vini Samuel – Swearing in ceremony of Mayor and four new city council members……..