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10 Aug 2020 – Well, if I am going to start posting again, might as well put something here.

I have nothing but blind contempt for elected officials.  Most of my readers as well.

My proudest achievement, and there were many  when I did this before,  was being formally (oral and in writing) Publicly Rebuked by the Montesano City Government.  For those of you who might add there was also a formal rebuke by the Aberdeen City Government and threats from the County Government…. who cares about them?

That city rebuke still proudly hangs on my wall as a reminder of the good work a man can be capable of – if one truly tries to apply himself.

I was the featured political writer and cartoonist for the local newspaper for many years.    Until we were told not to write about people who bought advertising at the paper.    Cough cough….Hospital finances……   I can pretty much look the other way on anything….but even I have my red lines, and there aren’t many.  It wasn’t the first place I have walked out of, but one that felt the best.

Like my enemies in Government (all of who have slunk out of town) …..the formally great newspaper of more than a hundred years is gone as well.  Death by suicide.  In my opinion good riddance.

I’m still here.

I don’t give two shits about your feelings or your political correctness.  I still hold doors open for ladies and fly my flag on the Fourth of July.  I think family is important, adults should set examples for kids, and the police deserve our thanks and respect.

The elected leaders of this community should work for the people they represent, not a handful of good ole boys and the seating chart of the local ladies who lunch group.

I do believe in God but don’t go to church.  I have never found one that throws out people that vote for politicians who facilitate killing babies, even after they have been born.  Another one of my few red lines.  I just wouldn’t fit in sitting on a bench singing about the love of Jesus with hypocritical clowns who facilitate the murder of children.

I don’t care what you do or where your red lines are.

If any of this offends you, I can’t wait to get you subscribed here.  Seriously.

The biggest takeaway I received from my time writing here over the years, is how deep a disgust for the systemic corruption and pomposity that exists here I was able to achieve.

Time doesn’t allow me to do what I did prior.  No, thats not true.  I’m retired  now.  I could if I wanted to or was sufficiently pissed off.    I just don’t want to.

I’ll post when I feel like it.

Oh, one last thing.  I don’t leave the comments thing turned on as there are always a dozen or so morons who think I actually care about what they have to say and deal with the drivel they post all day.  I leave the little Facebook icon on.  So the posts can be shared and commented on your page.  As I don’t do Facebook,  I will never have to see or deal with them.  A real good commenting system I think.

Best way to contact me is on   Email   Or come to think about it….just come by.  I don’t check those messages much either.   Its always depressing reading them and they bust my calm.   Tom


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