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NOV 2022 – I’m retired, I have things to do. Go away.

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COMMENTING: Use your Facebook page, I don’t have either the time or desire to proctor anonymous comments. Since I don’t do Facebook, Its a great system.

ABOUT: This an Editorial / Commentary news site. I have my B.A. in History with a M.A. in Communication/ Public Policy Analysis. Frequent guest on several national radio programs and Op-Ed writer for a variety of newspapers. Worked many years with the U.S. State Dept. and Dept. of Transportation organizing international trade conferences with an emphasis on Pacific Rim nations. Author of several books on Meso-American culture and historical events.

This site is a repository of thoughts and writings on both local and national issues. I don’t chase down stories anymore. I am more interested in the Social Sciences ramifications of public policy.

PHILOSOPHY: I wrote my first published editorial in 1966. It was on Richard Nixon and his chances in the 68 election. I was right BTW. Im still doing it. Nothing ever changes in this world, everything just re cycles. I go through stages where I care about you…and then don’t. I’m currently in a not care much mood.

I’m old enough now where I could keel over any minute, so want to leave you with one bit of advise…you know…just in case. Something I have found to be an underlying theme throughout an almost 60 years stint at this. “never fall in love with a politician….they will only break your heart.”

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ya I know, I take a lot of pretty pictures and you want to use one. I really don’t care as long as there is a link back and not for commercial use. My high quality originals might be for sale. Money talks.

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