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Montesano Washington

Jan 4th 2017 – as many know, this past year this site has been off line. I have been working for a year on a federal Senate and Congressional seat. Am happy to say….my guys got in. My contract would not allow me to do this site, but that is all over now and after taking a month or so off, may start to do something a little different here.

Jan 11th 2017 – Well I was planning to start doing something local again….but. I received a call today from a PAC that I had been doing work for last year and was offered a position for the upcoming national 2018 senatorial races. Yes, the work is already started. I’m pretty much retired from my woodworking business now and have the time to devote to it. Considering the offer, I will continue keeping this site on hold. If something big happens here locally I will keep the twitter account and the site dormant, but available.



ABOUT: Momt-about1ntesano Today was established May 7th 2012 (c) / Montesano Today – all rights reserved.  We actually started broadcasting in 2011 but that was more informal.    For years I ran this blog as a more writing editorial type format as well as acted as the main political/cultural editorialist for our local newspaper.  We published area news/cultural stories for years.  It got boring and quite time consuming so I quit doing it.  

In November 2014 we moved to a video format.  All original content (c) montesanotoday.com.   Reaching an average of approximately 50-100,000 unique viewers a month.  

In 2016 I began doing media work for a national PAC organization and as of January 2017 have begun work permanently with that organization electing conservative Representatives and Senators on a national level.


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PRIVACY: There isn’t any on the web. While montesanotoday.com does not share statistical information it collects in regards to site visitors, IP information, etc., your browser probably does. Emails, voice messages, and live show call-ins by viewers of a commenting nature are archived and subject to posting in a variety of formats, including but not limited to RSS podcast/videocast feeds, social media storage presentation, video presentation, as well as in text form for use in a variety of formats including web presention, newspaper publication, article presentation for other media, and other text and video uses at the discretion of Montesano Today.

COMMENTS:  I don’t have time to proctor them.  If you want to comment, put the article on your Facebook/Google page or whatever social media  you use and comment there.  We don’t maintain a Facebook page.   We also post all our our articles on Twitter so you can follow us there and comment on them there as well.

ARCHIVES:   Videos after Jan 2016 will be for the most part archived now via our YouTube Channel.   If you see something you want, save it – I can’t guarantee I will save or archive it.

COPYRIGHTS:  All photos and videos are (c) Montesano Today, all rights reserved.

CHARITY:  We are all about helping people wanting to get on their feet by providing disposable phones for job interview etc.  Here and there we run promotions.

Untitled-2Thank you to the Washington Newspaper Publication Association WNPA for the state-wide Cartoonist 2012/13  &  2013/2014 awards.  I worked hard on those stupid things….it is appreciated