Editorial: 23 Feb 2021 – Lawsuit

With all the inquiry I have been getting, I thought I would pen a few thoughts concerning the pending Civil Right Lawsuit against the City of Montesano. See earlier postings this week. I’m too lazy to link to them.

And thats the point. You shouldn’t be getting news here.

Again, and I constantly post this note. I know Marisa, she is a friend of mine. Lawsuits are always two sided. The city is in a tough spot. To Dan Wood’s credit he is actually calling attention to my notifications to the residents here of the suit. Apparently on Facebook. I’m not allowed on Facebook as I hold different beliefs than they do, but kudos just the same. I’m sure he or anyone else up there can’t and won’t say anything. This is in the courts now. However, all sides deserve to be heard. I can’t be any clearer about that. It is up to professional media, whatever that means anymore, to balance and present to the public. In the absence we are left to our own blathering.

Why this is concerning to the residents of this town is that in the end we are on the hook. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong. Who wins, or who loses. We are on the hook financially.

As I told the prior administration when this first started coming up. Give her what she wants, it will be cheaper than an ADA lawsuit. Direct quote, I remember it well. Well, we are here now. I told you so.

There are currently two teams of lawyers in two different states involved. Each with a bunch of lawyers, paralegals, office secretaries, researchers, copy people. All turning in billing tickets. I am guessing but maybe a good 200k worth of billing before this is over? Maybe more? And if there is one thing you can be certain of ……lawyers want to get paid.

On the city side they will be having a discussion tonight behind closed doors. I’m pretty confident that the part time city attorney is going to look at them and say you need to hire a big firm to defend yourself. Another 200k? Start adding up the money.

A federal Civil Rights Lawsuit under the ADA is a big deal. Pretending otherwise is foolish. I have no first hand knowledge and have not discussed the suit in any detail with Marisa and refuse to do so. I assume….again….assume…..that all these lawyers must feel pretty good about winning this thing or they wouldn’t have filed the thing. Lawyers don’t tend to gamble. Not with their own money anyway.

There is big money involved and we haven’t even gotten into any possible punitive awards. Even if the city prevails, a drawn out court battle is one you and I will have to pay for and live with. One way or another.

I feel for Marisa on this and I also feel for the city. There are no white hats or black hats. I have been and will continue to be sad over this whole un necessary thing.

Like it or not we live in a different age.