Comrad Inslee to segregate workers on the job site

PARTY ALERT: – Our glorious leader Chairman Inslee has informed his party enforcers at the sate L&I to instruct all businesses to begin to segregate workers. Those who have correctly and voluntarily taken their state provided vaccine are to be treated normally. Those who resist the state will be forced to stay away from their fellow workers by six feet and wear masks to identify themselves.

Business owners are now required to force their workers to submit to medical grilling and compliance. Our all knowing great leader has knowingly and correctly suspended national HIPA medical privacy laws. Workers who cling to such out dated concepts of personal medical privacy are to be identified immediately and reported or dismissed from the workplace by making their life so uncomfortable they leave.

It is rumored that those who are still resisting state compliance are talking to lawyers for potential lawsuits against employers. We urge our fellow party members to resist such actions and comply with the state.

One such law firm: National law firm is even actively seeking clients. We urge you to avoid them and call on our fellow citizens to report people contacting them to the state immediately. Our struggle continues comrades, together we will build a greater and better state!

ENFORCEMENT: employers will begin the immediate segregation by assigning parking sections for compliant employees and special sections for those who resist. Larger businesses with lunch rooms will partition off sections for those who still refuse to accept the authority of Leader Inslee. Locker rooms, and any other such facility within your business will be divided. We encourage all “office party” type of situations to exclude any non compliant with the state individual. These rules will be enforced by the state Labor and Industries division and you are required to report to them any violation of our leader’s orders. Children, report to your state public teachers any violations you are aware of after learning of them in the home.

“Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.” 
― Mao Tse-tung