Surviving Inslee’s Re-education Camps

Surviving in a Washington State Concentration Camp

We here at Montesano Today strive to assist the fellow citizens here in town to the various situations that arise in our sleepy community.  Over the years it has typically been storms, the off political corruption, routine stuff.

About a month ago I was sent the following:

I know.  Some loon out there worried about being marched into an Inslee concentration camp.  Not that I don’t think he wouldn’t , if he could,  mind you.  He would need cover from the feds.

Now in the interest of checking things out I was driving by one of the facilities mentioned in the video last week and ya, they are up to something.  I made a mental note to come back in the dark and look closer.  That fence is designed to keep things in…..not out.

Up at the National Guard base doing a trash run last week, and those guys are flexing up big time.  You should see all the trucks for hauling people.  Looks like they are getting ready for war.   Or for moving a lot of potential subjects for Fauchi’s experiments.  Gulp!

Not making any statements, just noting.

Then yesterday, that Biden CDC hack goes on TV and starts talking about re-education of people that aren’t buying what Biden and the Mad Scientist puppy killer Fauchi are selling.

Well, I don’t know, but its best to be prepared.

I have lots of questions.  First, will there be cable?  Im almost level 1200 in Fallout 76 and want to know if I can bring a Playstation.  Madkiller3478 and Ladynike420tokerxx rely on me.

Will we be bunking up…or single rooms?    Religion objections to Fauchi’s experiments are now considered Domestic Terrorism so will there be separate facilities for them?  Will there be reading material other than Jill Biden’s book in the room?

There is a lot to consider here.  We haven’t gotten into the Re-educaiton part yet.  We all remember Jay Inslee sending boxes of wormy apples to the victims of last years fires.  If he treats fire victims that way…..what will he be feeding us?

I assume it will be a Clockwork Orange type of thing.  The North Korea Re-education facilities require work as a method of properly re aligning someone’s incorrect thinking.  The truth is we just don’t know and inquiring too deeply up in Inslee’s office might get one in the hole and labeled not eligible for re education.  That just doesn’t sound good so I will have to get a burner phone to check around.

One thing is for sure, there will be Squid Game type uniforms with numbers and shock collars. “On your knees you God loving freak”   ackahhhhhhhhhh

Hopefully, for those who co operate with their re education sessions there will be milder forms of treatment.  Sitting in circles talking about our fears and “sharing”?  Trust falls with those who have taken the shot catching us?   I wonder if there will be trustees?

This just doesn’t sound good.  I’ve seen Pulp Fiction.  I know where they have to hide things.  I can’t fit a Playstation controller up there!  I can’t!

No matter how well intentioned Inslee and Fauchi’s experiment facilitators are, Ive seen a lot of these type of movies and it always ends with the warden either running a prostutition ring or inmate fight club.  

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be a love slave prostitute in one of Inslee’s sick little camps.

I’ve seen what they do to puppies……..I’m busting out and taking my chances on the run.



UPDATE:  Just to be on the safe side I am posting some of the things that will get you sent to a re education camp in China.  Best to learn them.  Be prepared!