The Greed of Men


How do you quantify the seismic news event of yesterday?  Break it down into its core element.  It’s not easy and subjective.

On its face, we have a sitting Governor that is threatening…..yes….threatening the very citizens he is supposed to be serving.  

By now you are all aware of his step two.  (wait till you see step three involving the restricting of movement in January).

Step two:   Forcing every employee everywhere in the state to either take the never ending Immunity boosters (they aren’t vaccines and stop using that word).

Never ending.   Nobody has any idea what it will do to you long term.  No studies have been done as to possible birth defects or developing immune systems in children.  We aren’t talking about adults here.

It doesn’t matter to Inslee.  Never mind it isn’t going on anywhere else in the country other than here.  He has to show his desire to please Biden or he will never get a job with him.  There is no other logical explanation.  It sure isn’t science.

His greed is his driving force, and pregnant women and children be damned.

I am old enough to remember a time when women were respected.  There was a reason for it.  There was a reason we held doors for them.  A most basic acknowledgement  of the important role they played in society.  A respect for their strength.  Yes strength.  Even the little tiny ones.

Sure, brave men went off to war and many died.  Women had a much more dangerous spin of the ole wheel-o-fate.

Childbirth.  And the life and death challenges it brings.

I’m too lazy this morning to post a plethora of historical material from cultures going back to cave drawings illustrating the respect we as men held toward them.  It is in our DNA, or was I should say.  There is something about seeing a woman in trouble that, at least for my generation, was a call to action.  

No matter the man, it was something none of us would or could stand for.  Period.

It took many forms.  Even today my wife and I will argue over if I want to use the TV to play Fallout 76 and she wants to watch Nicholas Cage movies.  We compromise.

We spend the evening watching Nicholas Cage movies.

We don’t respect them anymore.  Some of it is their own doing.  Ok, most of it.    Mostly though, because of the greed of men.  It’s much simpler to live without any type of code.

Religion has been all but destroyed so there is no societal break-check on our decent into true secular humanist nihilism.  The goal and dream of the current Democratic party.

Abortion, it’s holy sacrament.  Administrated by the priests of the day.

With human life now with no regard, it is quite easy for Gov. Inslee to finalize his plans.  The last vestige of any type of moral constraint on his and his ilk’s dreams.  The last thing society still protected.

Pregnancy itself.

Imagine being a pregnant woman right now and the fear many hold.  It is no surprise to me that the greatest bunch of people holding out on all the never ending immunity boosters are health care providers.  They see the side effects.

The choice of a woman to decide what she will and will not put into her body during pregnancy.  A choice she makes with her doctor, ignored and scorned.

Inslee is doing nothing less than strapping them down and forcing a never ending batch of untested unproven drugs into their arms.  

If they don’t want to take it, for whatever reason, they lose their job and their ability for many to feed the baby.  Even to be able to provide shelter for the baby.   Inslee knows this, those are the straps to his chair of control.  A woman’s body with child no longer hers to control  Her body controlled by a tyrannical man.  For political purposes.

This is Washington State in 2021.   It is a hellish landscape ruled by hellish greedy men.

Men don’t  protect women anymore.  They look the other way.

You would have to be crazy to get pregnant in this state.  I’m sure the abortion fires are burning brightly and there is much dancing and pageantry as their gods are fed.   Which, in my opinion, is the goal.

There aren’t any police or courts to protect you, there will be no outcry from what is left of the churches .  No newspapers will write of your plight and cry for help.  

About all you can expect is some old guy like me to hold a door for you out of nostalgia.  Well here and there anyway.  Most won’t.