The Reckoning

I really have to state up front, I am having a great deal of fun watching the fallout.

From these morons walking down the street wearing masks….(lets not forget the real morons driving wearing a mask)….to parents finally waking up to what is going on with their kids. But I’m not going to get into that today.

If you are under oh, about 50 years old now, you have no idea what inflation is. Absolutely no ability to even see it in your mind. It is an abstract. You were either too young or weren’t even born to see it in person in the late 70’s.

You think it is bad now? Oh honey…..thats just so cute.

That 75 bucks you just spent at the gas station is going to 100 pretty quick and probably level off about 125-150. That 100$ you just spent down at Thriftway….better bring 200$ pretty soon. Remember, we are only less than a year under Biden’s fat thumb. Next year will be worse.

While we wait for next year you will be having another surprise coming. Heating your home. But I will wait till mid winter to talk about energy.

Hyper inflation is just starting to hit. That apartment you are renting for 1,000 a month. Wait till your lease expires and see what the new rate is. Just wait. Kids need clothes, a trip to the dentist? It will be never ending and brutal. Absolutely brutal.

And you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

You were warned, and still you put Democrats into the state and Federal office. What did you expect?

None of you are old enough to have actually talked to people who went through the Great Depression. Don’t worry, I did, and will relate the number one thing they all said was critical fro getting through it.


That was it.

For those of you in debt, I really feel sorry for you, but nobody twisted your arm. I suggest looking up the word “sacrifice” and really getting a handle on the term.

This isn’t going away anytime soon. These clowns in Olympia and Washinging DC are just getting going. Remember, the more money they print, the more everything you buy goes up. Just ask anyone from Venezuela. Most of them spend all day trying to get food now.

You need to realize you are holding onto out dated terms. Democrats now stand for killing babies as they are being born, teaching your children to hate themselves for the color of their skin, and communism. Oh, they use the term socialist, but there is no difference between the two.

Young families can now not afford to buy a home to raise their families in, but now……a car as well. My truck I bought in 2016 for 22,000$ , now 6 years later, worth over 27,000$. In a year or so, they will not be able to afford to rent a home, or an apartment. Its coming.

Here in the state, Inslee is desperate to get a job with the Biden Administration. He will destroy all of you young people if he has to. If you think it’s bad now…..wait. Parents are starting to make a fuss about realizing just how far behind their little darlings are education wise. They ain’t catching up. Good thing you don’t have to know how to read or write to graduate high school anymore.

Hyper inflation isn’t an abstract thought. It is beginning. It’s on your street and coming through your window. By summer the riots will most likely break out. Desperation will linger in the air and you will be able to smell it. The inflation of the 70’s was a slow burn. Biden and Inslee are on steroids.

This is a mess of your own making. While prostitution, drug use, crime, and alcoholism will bloom, your way of life will wither. And maybe wither it should.

If America cares so little they elect those who are all about killing babies being born, starving the elderly, ruining the economy, and dismantling rights as an individual……….its time to let it burn out. Hopefully, something better will take its place. After the riots of course.