Your all junkies now

One thing no one has ever been able to explain to me is exactly just how is some one anti-vax if there isn’t a vaccine?

From the get go people lined up for their whatever it is, because it sure isn’t a vaccine.

Any junkie will tell you the more you take of a drug, the less effective it becomes and you soon need more and more of it as you chase your mythical dragon. Dreaming of that first high.

In your case that first dose and your blissful false-joy of being safe. What a laugh.

Now you are hearing that it is going to be every three months. That will soon change to every six weeks. And then less. Not just you young healthy adults, but the little kids too. The teacher unions will see to that.

Now, who is at risk? Well, the average age of people dying is what 80? The obese have problems. People my age should be taking whatever they can get.

Kids? No. More die from the regular flu every year. Still parents are pumping this shit into their arms with no regard as to what damage it might be doing long term to their immune systems. Its never been studied. Birth defects? We don’t know yet.

You are wearing worthless masks around not to protect you, but to virtue signal. They have destroyed family owned restaurants. The only thing still standing are large corporate operations. Do I really need to remind you who sends Jay Inslee checks? Go check the stock of Pharma companies just for laughs as well.

There never was a vaccine for covid. The masks never did anything. Still you wander around like an Aberdeen street junkie. It consumes you. You will even sacrifice your children, your family, your jobs. You will pump that crap into your veins more and more until you can’t even breathe.

The kids, who the recent Brown University study followed, now showing an average…….an average…..of a 23 point drop in IQ as a result of these masks. This is a huge drop. What you are going to do with this generation I don’t know. I won’t live to see them grow up. I have seen the movie Idiocracy so I have a rough idea what is coming. You only need so many ditch diggers and people selling worms out of the bed of a truck. Well, that’s your problem. The bright side is that its only here on the west coast and big blue cities that require masks. The rest of the country’s children will be fine. So that’s good. Maybe we can import some of them to run our electrical plants and stuff. The schools are already preparing. No more Ds and Fs. Hell, you don’t even need to know how to read and write to graduate high school. Math is racist now. Yes, they are getting ready.

The good that has come from all of this is that people have discovered what many have known for a while now. Public schools are no friend to any parent. Government will lie to you. The media isn’t media anymore.

I wish I could work up more sympathy. You were all told not to touch that hot stove.

Congratulations. You now know what the life of a junkie is.