Making money off of COVID – a household guide

We here at Montesano Today are always looking out for you. We know times are tough and trying to make a Biden/Inslee dollar stretch is getting harder and harder to do.

Worry not! Opportunity abounds.

I was walking out of a gas station in Aberdeen about a week ago and your typical homeless dude had set up shop back where the cars park.

“Psssst”. ya, get ready for the beg for a dollar right?


“You looking for a vaccine passport? $10″

Ya, only 10$! I didn’t look too closely, but them who does. Here is a guy that knows how to turn a buck! Personally I think he was selling them too cheap.

Don’t want to stand on a corner hawking fake cards? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other possibilities.

Fake masks

Who doesn’t want a good trendy face mask? I suggest a good location somewhere near a Starbucks. Those hillbilly Walmart shoppers don’t know style.


Ok, you are the ambitious type. Or maybe you just don’t like direct sales. You aren’t looking for supplemental income… want a career. Something you can get your teeth into with a solid chance of growth. We get it. Look no further than a state government job. Yes you too can be a Washington State concentration camp guard! With a little hard work and effort….who knows. You may just find yourself in a warden chair someday running an inmate fight club or prostitution ring. Its your dream to make what you want of.

Hurry……the job listing closes next month!

Worried you don’t have the qualifications? Relax, they are looking for go getters first and can train on the job. Its the attitude that is important.

The world is yours and four leaf clovers are at your feet young man. What little kid hasn’t dreamed of being a concentration camp guard? Now is your chance. The only question is what direction you want your future to take …….. in Jay Inslee’s booming un checked emergency powers economy.

COVID, not a disease……an opportunity.