Voices in the wilderness

Its almost impossible to garner any type of medical information that isn’t towing the political narrative being set by Biden and “the Scientist” Fauchi. It even filters down to our own Governor Jay The Accuser Inslee here in Washington State. Tow the line or else.

Its the reason you are wearing a mask and pumping basically experimental drugs into your body.

Now, to be clear, I really don’t care about you. If you are young and healthy and gambling with your long term immunity system, knock yourself out. I don’t care what happens to you.

The little kids are a different matter.

I realize that there are some people out there that care, which is why I went looking for you. They aren’t easy to find. You have to go looking for them. You know, the type that actually went to school for this stuff.

I want to introduce you to someone, should you be the curious type, that wants to learn what the drugs are doing to you and possible future ramifications. Not just to you, by-the-way, but possible damage to society as a whole. Ya, he talks about that too.

Dr. James E. Olsson. According to the Bio on the account: an expert in Genetic Engineering, was associated with Johns Hopkins, and spent his career in Biomedical and Cancer Research.

Probably a pretty smart guy. Again, It is just a Twitter profile and postings, everyone should remember that and I am not in a position to verify anything.

I have spent some time reading what he / the posting account is posting. Frankly, most of it goes over my head. Ventricles, something about a coloboma, stuff like that. But a lot of it is pretty easy to understand. And it is completely frightening.

He may argue with me, but he seems to be the old school Doctor type that would slap you around and tell you to lose weight as it is killing you rather than try and work with you to de-couple you from colonial constructs of weight and beauty. I may be wrong, but I’m not. So you won’t be getting life affirming affirmation lessons pouring through his research and posting.

You will, however, be getting a master class on this COVID disease and the human body.

When you start to follow him and read his postings, which are many and constant, you quickly begin to realize two things. 1. He knows what he is talking about 2. He is getting pretty darn fed up with all of us. Rightly so in my opinion, but that is another topic.

I can see him taking a hammer to a VCR trying to get that damn light from blinking or not suffering silently in a line at the DMV.

I don’t know the guy, I have never had a conversation with him. I’m not a doctor.

Do your own research, but this is a good place to start and I think you will learn quite a bit.

I will close this out with a screen shot of one of his postings. It sort of says it all.