Hillary rises…again

There was only one person who wasn’t cringing during the recent Biden Presser. Well, maybe Putin, but that is another story.

She can’t believe her good luck. She is right back in the game.

One take away from from his press conference is Biden will not be the nominee of the Democrat Party. You can bet your bippy.

There isn’t anyone under 30 that ever knew a day without a Clinton. Can’t imagine a life without one. Trust me, we did just fine. She is baked into their heads.

It isn’t like Hillary isn’t ready. I am sure you saw her crying recently, reading her never delivered acceptance speech. Trust me, she didn’t have to read it. That thing is burned into her brain. Every word, inflection, and arm movement. She can even feel the cold of a Washington DC January morning on her cheek. Im sure it is being read to your kids by crying teachers.

She has walked in the woods enough. Communed with the squirrels and odd unfortunate hiker who was forced to stop and listen to her.

The Clintonistas have been holed up in Washington think tanks long enough. They all want to break out. After all, can America be truly free unless someone is allowed to run and lose three times? Can it?

She is ready to put on those big coats, go on late night TV shows and laugh for us. Tanned, rested, and ready.

The only one out there truly worried about her run is Ghislaine Maxwell. She should be. The now world’s largest daily open air slave market in Libya, her only real accomplishment in life.

No, Hillary is coming. It will be glorious to watch.

The fight between Kamala and Hillary will be more of a show scuffle. No serious money will go to her campaign. Even if she is elevated due to a Biden resignation to prop her up. Which, I suspect will happen.

Look for another book to hit the shelves and quickly rise to #1 on the usual book lists. Titled something about “What I would have done”.

She is coming. She might win too.

Hillary doesn’t scare me as much as she dose most people. Sure she is batshit crazy, but let me leave you with a question.

You are a terrorist tied to a chair. You have information about something. Would you want Hillary coming at you with a Bic lighter and a pair of vice grips? I didn’t think so.

She is utterly ruthless. So there is that.

There is no bench for the Democrats. It is empty. Those Democrats that haven’t had a belly full and left already have nowhere to go. Kamala isn’t an option on anyone’s dance card.

Hillary will strike.

Twitter is on fire and excited at the prospect