Just how dangerous to children are these masks?

One thing I have learned from doing this over the years is the more people run away from you when you start asking questions….the more you know you are onto something. Its so consistent you can bank on it.

I was informed by a parent recently about something disturbing.

I didn’t believe it at first, but sure enough…..it is a thing.

Some teachers in the public schools aren’t satisfied with just masking your children. Damn the medical damage. No, they want more. And it is going on.

The new thing is putting panty hose over the kids faces and a variety of other measures to further paste the mask onto your child. It wouldn’t work with adults in the workplace. Someone would get a fist in the mouth. But little kids do what they are told.

It isn’t just panty hose though. It gets worse. They are using a variety of things. Rubber bands, filling gaps with gauze and more. There are even how to websites popping up. You need to be aware.

Jay Inslee is not going to let your children out of the masks. Period. Ever. You need to be making some decisions. Well, those of you who actually care about your children.


Now we get into the running away from the questions part.

Another issue that was Brought up to me here locally is that parents are noticing a permanent condition of dark circles and “bags” forming under the eyes of their little children. Asking around it is happening everywhere. It keeps getting worse. Many suggest it has something to do with ingesting their own CO2 all day at school.

Some kids are even forced by nutball parents to wear them at home. Ya, I know….I know. Its the same parents that walk down the street wearing them.

I can’t get either the Gov office or any state health department agency to even respond to the questions. They just ignore it. You can forget our local media asking, they take too many advertising dollars from local health care facilities. They won’t even ask.

You are on your own.

I had a chance to unofficially ask a Neurologist this week about possible long term damage. I didn’t like what I heard. I really really didn’t like what I heard. I am also hesitant to put down here what I heard. It isn’t my place and HIGHLY encourage you to look into it yourself. HIGHLY. Well, again, for those of you who actually care about your kids that is.

The one thing you really need to remember is that the masks on the children are purely political. There isn’t any science behind them or it would be universal. It isn’t going on everywhere. Just in a few Democrat states. I think it is down to 5 or 6 now. Washington State little kids are unfortunate to live in them and will be suffering life long problems. There is no one protecting them from Jay Inslee and the teacher unions.

You really have to get your kids away from these people.


One last thing. You think they are running from these questions?……I started asking about what I was hearing about money. Hearing that hospitals here are getting a good extra $48,000 every time they check a COVID box if somebody dies.

Doesn’t matter if they came in from a car accident.

We can’t find out how true it is. They run from questions.