Pictures from the Flag Wave event in Olympia Wa. 12 Feb 2022

Beautiful day in Olympia. Haven’t been there for a while. Was amazed at the number of absolute morons walking around downtown with masks on. Driving their cars, again, with masks on. It is like one of those movies where the townsfolk have been taken over by aliens. Wait just a minute…………

WHAT I SAW: A lot of people waving flags and tooting horns and having a great time.

WHAT I DIDN’T SEE: Considering this was happening in front of the state capitol……absolutely no one from the Republican Party. Nothing. Maybe they were busy. It was Saturday after all so we shouldn’t be too judgey.

There were the usual plants you see at events like these. One lady who is obviously some Antifa mom they send in. It is just so obvious.

I was amazed at the support from the passers by. Lots of thumbs up. Only a couple of fingers. A homeless guy ranting about something nobody could understand…that was about it.

SOMETHING NEW: Ive been to a lot of these type of things. This time there were people from Bellingham, Mason County, me from Grays Harbor, and more. Everyone was networking. Clipboards were out. Organization. Everyone has pretty much figured out the Republican reps in the House and Senate are just too busy to actually come out and lead, so they are doing it themselves.

Kids, old people, young people. A good cross section. There were truck drivers and tradesman. Even a nurse. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. All united for one purpose. To respect the freedoms so many have died for, and so many now have forgotten.

We don’t need to turn on the TV to see heroes, they are literally on the corners. America lives. Its limping, but it lives.

NOTE: After the event I received an email telling me a group of them drove up to Puyallup and more to hold a events there. I didn’t attend but was sent the following picture.