FUN FUN FUN Inslee to jab your kids to be allowed in school

And jab, and jab, and jab, and jab. Any guesses as to when the little kids entire immunity system will collapse? Don’t worry……you don’t have to guess, absolutely no one has any earthly idea. Including the drug companies!

jab. jab. jab. jab. jab.


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Just so everyone is completely clear this little TAG group Gov Inslee put in are people he appointed to give him cover to appease overweight teachers sitting around faculty lounges. That’s it, the only reason. Now, you parents are about to have to decide what you have been putting off for your free day care. Frankly, it is going to be fun as hell to watch. Its one thing to knowingly force little children to suck up their own CO2 all day, now it gets real interesting. Oh brother is this going to get interesting.

Future drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, God knows what. And now……now…..ruined immune systems. And all because you didn’t like Trumps mean tweets. You deserve everything you have coming. And more.

Don’t like being called out for your actions, tough.