Autopsy – Jay Inslee’s Assault on Wa State

Nov 1st 2022. His emergency powers and the reign of terror is ended today. Two weeks to flatten the curve went on almost a thousand days. Almost three years.

I don’t really blame him though. He was just trying to get a job with the Biden Administration. No, there is plenty of blame to go around.

Plenty of it.

Everyone knew, and I mean everyone, what was going on in the state.

The fat teachers in the teacher lounges in Seattle with diabetes didn’t want to be around kids. They kicked back money to the Inslee campaign machine, so we are now left with an entire generation of Washington State school children that have a life of increased drug use, lower life standards, suicide increases, and much more hell.

Seattle schools are so low on the test scores most of them are illiterate. Our rural schools, not much better. But hey, they did lower the standards so everything will be ok.

All these so called “teachers” across the state just kept their mouths shut. Tell me again how great teacher are. How much they care about the kids. Go on….tell me.

Home school kids, kids in private school…..they will be just fine. The rest of them, well….the world needs ditch diggers too I guess. Blame Inslee? Hardly. Inslee didn’t dress up their little preciouses and cart them off to spend the day in those hell holes. No, that was parents wanting the free child care.

That bill will be coming. Oh boy is it coming. Investment tip: Put your money into rehab facilities and strip clubs….they are going to be a growth industries.

The entire collection of organizations we have always relied upon showed their true colors over the last three years in this state.

The most striking to me, and there are many more examples, is none other than our own Washington State Patrol.

I can’t get them out of my head.

I always thought they were the best of the best. When it came time to actually protect something other than a paycheck…..well, not so “best” were they?

Everyone knew these shots were dangerous to certain groups of people. Everyone.


When several pregnant officers didn’t want to put the lives and immune systems of their unborn babies in danger with an untested shot, what did the WSP do? They fired them.

Quite a union they got there. Yes, quite a union. Well, as long as the right people get paid….that is what was important.

Local and state leaders looking out for people? Where? Our own local Jim Walsh (R) LD19 out of Aberdeen wasn’t buying this bullshit and what did they do? They locked him out of the state Capital!

Local health departments? Worthless. They knew……they knew…..but the right people got paid.

I could go on with examples, but what’s the point?

It wasn’t Inslee that destroyed the kids, it wasn’t Inslee that threw those WSP officers under the bus….it was you.

You sat there and took it.

This was a trial run, if you think this is over, you deserve what is coming for you.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Ole’ Ben hit it on the head didn’t he…….

I won’t be around to see these Inslee kids grow up. But you will. As you watch with your own eyes the destruction and pain you have caused, I would like to think there will be some part of you that will feel bad. You won’t though.

I seriously doubt this country will last another fifty years.

Im sure all of you have seen the latest push for “forgiveness”. Let’s just forgive and forget.

Amnesty huh? Screw you.

Two weeks to flatten the curve.