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We’ll meet again

I always said when I hit 70 I was going to go bye bye…… bye bye

Its a lot of work being a Nicki Clyne fan

UPDATED BELOW: I follow very few celebrity accounts on Twitter. More politics driven than pop culture. There are a couple of professional wrestlers, Been a fan since the late 70s. Nice guys all who really stay engaged with their fan base. Sgt, Slaughter cracks me up. They have as much fun with it as we…

A Morning with the Homeless of Aberdeen Wa

ABERDEEN WA: Nov 16th 2022: As I write this, you have to realize I, most likely, couldn’t pass a drug test at the moment. Not quite as bad as Hunter Thompson’s opening line in his tome Fear and Loathing, but lets just say……I have a pretty good idea what Fentanyl smells like now. Aberdeen Washington.…

Autopsy – Jay Inslee’s Assault on Wa State

Nov 1st 2022. His emergency powers and the reign of terror is ended today. Two weeks to flatten the curve went on almost a thousand days. Almost three years. I don’t really blame him though. He was just trying to get a job with the Biden Administration. No, there is plenty of blame to go…


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