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Win for life

I never thought I would actually see it. The Supreme Court finally quit pussy footing around and took a stand. Here is the deal. The left can’t help themselves. They have no moral center. It started with “life of the mother” and has now morphed into killing children after they have been born. Babies leftContinue reading “Win for life”

Rocket stoves

I try not to whip this horse too much, but something is telling me its time to quicken the hoof flops. We take electricity for granted. With the price doubling and the supply now a coin flip….and getting worse…..its a good idea to know what to do if you have to. Sure sure….I talk toContinue reading “Rocket stoves”

Fentanyl Nation

Every hour of every day Fentanyl is pouring into this country via our southern border. It is so addictive and dangerous a small amount in a backpack is enough to kill the entire population of the country. It is made into pills and processed for smoking and distributed to every corner of this nation. MillionsContinue reading “Fentanyl Nation”


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