Just how screwed are the area kids?

Told you this was coming. Now they are saying that it is going to be years and years and years that the kids are going to be used as political pawns. School as you know it is dead. Hey, don’t be a blaimem ole nasty Trump on this….this is and is going to be all Jay Inslee and his merry band of social control freaks and teacher unions.

I’m too old, I won’t be around to see what comes of these kids. Just how screwed up they are going to be. This isn’t my fight. You parents of school aged children better get up off your ass quick……this is coming at you like a freight train. Can you hear the whistle?

Children raised in near isolation. Taught that other humans are dangerous. Human touch, play, exercise…….to be avoided. I could go on but it is too depressing.

Good business opportunity in anti-psychotic and depression pharmacy drugs. I wonder if there is a sector mutual fund? The right people are going to be making good money. An entire generation of screwed up children and teenagers…..all needing counsiling and drugs for life……a dream come true. For the right people, of course.

14 days to flatten the curve.

Isn’t it interesting that our local officials are just ever so quiet.

Future fine well adjusted adults