The Cult of the Mask

Its getting downright laughable isn't it. Watching healthy fully vaccinated people strut around (outside no less) wearing masks. Personally I make a point of ignoring the signs and by the looks of things so are most everyone else. I keep waiting for someone to say something so I can come unglued but they never do.... Continue Reading →

Good Grief

Ok look.  Yes, I have a contact email up.  I did everything I could to tell people its more or less a waste of time, but every once in a while I am expecting something and actually go there.   I much prefer spending time with my dogs to most of you. Im Retired, Im... Continue Reading →

Candy Cigarettes

In case you are too thick to see it.....this is kids weeks here at Montesano Today. I remember them quite clearly. The same size as a pack of real cigarettes with different brand names. You would open the pack, carry it around in your shirt pocket the whole bit. A choice between filtered, or unfiltered... Continue Reading →

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