Stupid is as stupid does

Stupid people have never bothered me.  I mean, come on….they are stupid.  It is the unintelligent ones I just can’t abide.  You don’t have to be unintelligent.

Here going on for yes….the third time now…..Jay Inslee, our own little rolly polly dictator,  is gong to get his support from the usual suspects.

In office for life….check

Ruling by decree….check

Own secret police force to do his dirty work….state L&I…..check

Support over para-military enforcers (Antifa)……check

I could go on.

Our Dear Leader has issued forth upon this land another of his decrees.  A proclamation of the high order.  You, the subjects of this land should pay heed.

The latest from his office was trying to kill corn mazes and pumpkin patches.

God help you if you let a kid pet your goat.  You honestly would be better off sacrificing that petting zoo goat, filming, it and posting to youtube as a tribute to the Mad King.  Lest you anger him.

Of course, everyone went ballistic and some office someplace in a secret Olympia building that decides where we can go and what we can touch see say and do- was forced to rewrite some of the edicts that his Majesty was spouting.   His Highness probably with a turkey leg in one hand and a cask of grog in the other.  Spitting as he shouts his orders…. as the court scribes begin to put into action the words of the King.

Pity the poor hay ride wagon driver, for the kings men will surely take offense at his arrogance!

And these enforcers that he has weaponized at the state L&I office….what the hell.  In an effort to try and keep police from enforcing the constant ever whim-changing decrees from on high,  for optic reasons,  he has created something worse.

Would you want one of these guys creeping around your pumpkins patch? Would you?  I keep seeing that slimy guy from Willy Wonka in the black suit when I think of them.  Lurking….measuring….touching.    It’s only a matter of time until they break into song.

Good grief people.  I mean seriously.  Who would actually vote for this clown.  Inslee can’t help himself, he is drunk with power.  But you….what is your excuse?  I don’t know….maybe you are just stupid.