Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

170,000 new gun purchases a day since all this street madness started in May.  And this is just the FBI background check numbers.  There is a whole bunch of private selling and trading going on as well.

America is arming up. 

300% and more increases over just normal arming up.  Which is fairly substantial to begin with.  

One small gun store outside Portland has sold over 5 million rounds of ammo.  One store.  Ammo is scarce now.  Everywhere.  

People see what is going on.  It is only a matter of time until the police start walking off en-mass from our major cities.  Everyone knows what happens next.  Even people in the smaller towns outside the cities know that after the cities burn and are looted it will spread out.

Even people I know that just hate guns tell me that they know where they can get one if things get bad.  Neighbors, family members.

It is going to get interesting.

Throw into the mix the probable scenario of the Democrats not accepting the election results of a Trump win (  excellent essay:  )   and you have a perfect set up for lots of shooting.

With no police, we saw what replaces them in the recent CHOP situation in Seattle.  Warlords take over.  Come on….you saw it yourself, it was on TV and they even interviewed him.   You can sort of see the reason for all the gun sales.

With all these new guns on the streets people wanted to go shoot them.  Hence the banning of shooting on state land by Jay Inslee.  

Gun manufactures have never seen anything like it.  Never.

As an example.  Smith & Wesson reported a 140% increase in production beginning in May and the number is going up.  They are adding shifts and still can’t keep up with demand. 

In May and June alone, S&W sold 584,000 new guns.  Mark Smith, CEO recently told investors “ We’re continuing to ramp up…….were going to maximum capacity.”  

This is just one company.  All of them are reporting the same demand and production increases.

While a vast number of these new purchases are for first time gun owners, there are many many existing guns out there.  All owned by worried neighbors.  What do worried people do?  They organize.

One man can’t stop a mob.  Sure, you will take out a bunch of them, but you can’t stop them.  You need a group.  Enter the new militias.

In addition to local established militias, something new is out there.  A group calling itself Blades.  They are organizing by zip codes.  Want to start one, just look up your zip code and either join an existing group or form your own and wait till others in your zip code contact you as the leader.  That is it.  Nothing more to it.  A simple email to your group and bingo.  Think Minutemen.  Only this time is isn’t Redcoats coming over the hill.

Getting pretty interesting out there.

Google is reporting millions of searches for information on what is legal to protect yourself or  your home.  Hey, a bit of advise here….with no police, none of that matters much.  

Nov 4th should be an interesting day.  If the internet hasn’t been cut and your cell phones still work, you may get a chance to see why all these new sales have taken place.  Personally, I think the plan is to not even let the election happen.  The left knows they can’t win it.  Its on to plan B.  

Start stocking up on supplies……..