Govt making move to take kids that test positive in school

I’ve been sitting on this for several days. Tried to get information from our own state education system. Nothing but hangups and double speak. You parents might be able to get more out of them.

In a nutshell….the CDC just sent out to all the states information on keeping kids that test positive for Covid.

That’s right……decalare it an emergency and keep your kids. Am attaching a link to an article of what is going on in Ohio

from the article: “The CDC advised parents to prepare for children to be detained overnight in case of a disaster, listing COVID-19 as a “biological threat” that would qualify as a disaster.”

Ya, you read that correctly. The stage is being set.

more: – this on college kids

Your kids are now being considered biological threats in these liberal states. Get ready to send them off to school and not see them again for several weeks……you parents with kids better be gettin on this. You don’t think this can get worse? Just wait. Remember what they did to those people on the cruise ships…….


UPDATE: The more I think about this the more pissed off I get. This is flat out Big Brother stuff. You guys wouldn’t believe the wall I ran into trying to get anyone at the State to talk. Do not doubt for a second they won’t do this to keep this covid issue alive. This is all about the election and everyone knows it. Somebody tried to take my kid there would be trouble.

If you even are allowed to know where they are………