New Pet Scam to warn about

I always knew this lockdown would bring out the best and worse in people and it has.

Something I have been working on for several weeks now was brought to my attention in a round about way. Why people write me about this stuff I don’t know, but they do.

I read a report last year about people being home so much they were adopting dogs and cats for company from the local shelters. Even to the point of wiping them out. “Well, that’s a nice thing.” I remember saying to my self. Empty those things out!

Well, as usual, where there is a demand, crooks will step in with a supply. This time it is the puppy and dog scam.

We got our Barney as a rescue from Craigslist about 12 years ago. Left along side of a road and abandoned. It was a seamless transition. Craigslist used to be a fine place to connect with people moving, or even a puppy.

Not anymore.

I spoke with several reputable breeders from Tacoma to Chehalis. The scam pulls on the heartstrings of people. Asking for money up front, sending before being allowed to even see the dog ……..misrepresenting the breed……..the whole bit.

Often times the same picture will be posted again and again in different regions of the state with different wording. Dogs picked up out of state and brought in with a different story. In short, don’t believe a thing you read.

Dozens of posting on the Craigslist boards themselves from people who have been scammed.

I wrote a good 50 ads. Just a general “Hi, interested in talking about the puppy/dog”. Out of 50 inquirys, I didn’t get back more than 10 follow ups. Some days and days later. Out of the 50, I didn’t find but 3 that were actual normal people that you or I would feel comfortable driving to go see.

I was asked to send money 4 times to a PayPal account before even getting an appointment to see the pet. Deposit they called it.

There is big money involved. A mixed breed whatever puppy now is going for a good $500.00 Do the math. Claim the dog is a mix of purebred and mutt….maybe $1,500.00. Purebread claim. 2-3 grand. Again, do the math. Pick up a litter of puppies down in Oregon, go out of state, take some pictures….lie about what kind of dog it is…big money. Do it over and over…..bigger money. Puppies especially are an emotional commodity. You strike a deal, get a couple of pictures and you are already picking out a name and worrying about it. And you haven’t even seen or held it yet. The scammers know this.

I have also been watching the postings from our local PAWS and Aberdeen animal shelter. Still plenty of dogs to adopt. Going to cost you about $65.00 and they will be neutered. Good boys and girls all and just waiting for you to come get them.

I am all in favor of every house having a good dog. Just remember and be aware of the Craigslist scams out there. If you do go someplace, trust your gut. Bring someone with you and watch your surroundings. Anyone decent will want to discuss the dog or puppy. The parents, the whole bit. Trust your gut. Really be careful of the people that just want to use the anonymous Craigslist email system to communicate. No exchange of phone number? Beware.

As for the cats. Yes there are way too many of them in the shelters down in Aberdeen kept in cages. If you don’t have a cat, what is wrong with you. Every porch need a cat. Two is better. Go get one.

Speaking of cats, here is a picture of a male tom cat that walks into my doggy door three time a week, eats, gets pets, sleeps and leaves. He lives somewhere. I’m at 10th and Pioneer. If anyone knows who his people are let me know. I’m just curious. He steps over the dog, says hi to my cats, no trouble at all ….he just visits, eats, and treats us as staff. Ya, thats a towel under his feet on my workbench. He prefers the terrycloth over the bare wood to sleep on.

the traveling Mr Gray

NOTE: To illustrate just how bad and dangerous this industry is getting….take a look at what happened as I was writing this. Lots more of it going on too. DOG WALKER SHOT, DOGS STOLEN