The Montesano Killing Fields

Montesano Today – via  3 March 2021

I honestly take no pleasure in writing this.  Personally, I would much rather be wasting my time in getting up another chapter in the Rain Never Stops.  But people are and will die.  It’s sort of important.

I’m lucky enough to have my health care through the VA.  Lucky, might not be the word for it, but will suffice in this instance.

Got a call from them couple of weeks ago.  “hey Tom, you are over 65, we want you in here for your covid shot.  Here is your appointment date and date for the second shot.”  Ok.  Ok.  Whatever you say.  Oh bother.

See, I’m one of those guys that isn’t too afraid of something with a 99.7% survival rate.  Even though the only people dying seem to be my age.  I’ll roll the odds any day with 99.7%.  But this isn’t about me.

My wife, on the other hand is over 70 and at risk medically.  She really should have one.  Good luck with that.  She will sit on the county wait list forever.  So will the rest of the old folks here in town.  

It isn’t that there isn’t enough vaccine, it just isn’t going to the people that are actually dying from it.

Why?  Do you really, I mean really not get what is going on. Seriously. 

Now, eventually the old people will get a shot.  By my guess sometime late summer into the fall.  It will take that long to get everyone else.  Governor Inslee will and is taking care of his voting groups first.  The local health departments the local good ole boy network, their wives and kids….and so on and so on.

If you are expecting anyone in the local media to question a single city or county elected official on the matter, keep dreaming.  The first question would be “have you and your family gotten the shot?”  None of them wants that question.  

Sort of explains why not a single elected official is out there fighting to get the elderly here vaccinated doesn’t it.

I haven’t been contacted by any of them, have you?  Have you?  Again, people are and will die.  Sort of important don’t you think.

The current state of affairs for old people is to sign up with every pharmacy in the region and get on their waiting list.  Ya, good luck with that.  You are better off waiting for the county health department to run out of friends and political favors.  In my opinion, but I see the reason for their desperation.  I really do.

There will be a reckoning.  I am sure there are a few enterprising lawyers out there that are wringing their hands together over a big payday.  The nice thing about this situation is there are records of who got what shot where…….and when.  Those records won’t play well in a jury room while they are awarding punitive damages.

Then there is the question of criminal liability.  Someone here in the county isn’t getting the elderly vaccinated.  Sure would be nice if we had a media or elected official that was fighting for you.  Sure would be nice.

But then again, I’m kind of curious if our local media, their wives, their children have gotten their shots?  Real curious, aren’t you?   How about the nursing homes?  Professional media, what a joke.

Everyone sure seems to be hiding under their desks.  

I encourage all of you over 65 to start keeping logs.  If you are on the county health department never ending wait list – should you get sick due do to not being able to get a shot and it is proven in court that the vaccine initially given to the the area was given out to curry favor, you have a big payday coming.  Again, plenty of vaccine to take care of the elderly……..where is it?  Who got it?   It certainly wasn’t gramps and granny around here.   I’m not hearing anything from the health department or the elected officials responsible to oversee them.  Are you?

Well, are you?

In the mean time, just for fun……start making some phone calls…..asking questions…..if you can get past their screener.

I’m telling you, old Pol Pot himself would be proud of what is going on around here. Its not easy to kill off the pesky elderly…..but they found a way to do it.

Golf clap.

NOTE: 4:00 pm There is a follow up to this editorial. See latest post.