Shut up Montesano!

Its the silliness that gets to me in all this. Not that silliness exists, but that it is done with such a straight face.

As we all know, the only reason Gov Inslee is playing this mask game is to virtue signal to Biden to get a job. Everybody knows. So he issues his unconstitutional edicts and sicks his brown shirts ( state L&I) to enforce them.

Silly people go along and pretend to virtue signal back to him. If our little kids are educationally stunted and get sick from these stupid masks…so be it. What makes this generation of kids so special anyway?

As you are all aware SEE SALZER VS CITY OF MONTESANO the city is currently twisting itself into knots. A bunch of vaccinated people who refuse to lower their masks to conduct city business so we, the unwashed governed can participate. Sure, we can watch their eyebrows go up and down and sort of make out what is going on, but there is the pesky little bit about translation so that everyone can see and hear.

This is a godsend for city government. They can do whatever they want and nobody can even comment now during what passes for city government meetings. Their latest bit to mitigate the fallout and financial damage from the Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit is to restrict all public comments.

City wants to annex your land in a public meeting. Shut up about it. City wants to spend your money on something you don’t agree with? Just shut up already. Nobody want to hear it, don’t you know who they are? Don’t you understand what is important here? Pesky needy people of this town need to get it straight. It is the right of your elected officials to hide and mumble behind masks. Now and forever.

Sure other states said screw this silliness and have lower infection rates than we do. Sure their kids are healthy and being educated. So what? They don’t have a governor who needs a job. Suck it up buttercup. Everyone around here has been vaccinated that is going to be vaccinated. Nothing is going to change in six months, or a year. Get used to it already. Maybe by a second term Inslee will get an Ambassador job or something. Two weeks to flatten the cure.

I’m so tired of hearing about how the kids won’t have a top end education and suffer health and social development issues. Education and social development is way over rated. Lots of people live with chronic coughing. The world needs ditch diggers too and we can always import our teachers, scientists and the like from states that are providing top end education. We will get by.

All the closed businesses that ain’t coming back….well, we will need someplace to house the poor and uneducated.

The city gets it. Conduct business behind masks. You can always say you were mis understood if someone actually catches them saying something. Restrict the public from commenting at a public meeting that concerns them. Force them to jump through hoops. Just shut them up. Can you imagine just how irritating it must be for the city to have someone actually stand up at a city council meeting and question them? QUESTION THEM? IN PUBLIC? No, no no. Conduct all your business on Facebook so people who don’t agree with the city on an issue can be “dealt with” with the touch of a button in Menlo Park California. They get it, we need to shut up and get out of their way.