City of Montesano to suspend meeting broadcasts

Well that didn’t take long…..see yesterday posting…….the city announced today that they will no longer be broadcasting meetings. The subtext is they just can’t do the translation thing with Facebook.

Now, despite the digs I have cast on them, I applaud their effort and the work Dan Wood tried to do to broadcast the meetings. The problem is two fold.

Firstly, many many many people don’t go anywhere near Facebook. They track everything you do and say and then sell it. They also will not allow you to type in anything that is contrary to the far left view of anything. Everyone knows this. Sure its easy to use, but you always pay a price going cheap.

Second, these ADA rules and laws are coming home to roost on these democrats. I can just hear them in the back room “gee, I didn’t think we would actually have to accommodate people, I just wanted to virtue signal”. Ya, well, guess what bucko. You put these people in office and didn’t say a thing. Deal with it.

As I have posted many times on this subject with Marisa, going back to 2014 now. Ya, its been going on that long. I do feel for the city. We are the city. I feel for me!

It all boils down to if you can afford something with the ADA. If you have deep pockets, you have to accommodate more. Well, the city has deep pockets and all the chest beating in the world isn’t going to sway the judge, or god forbid a jury.

There is software and equipment out there that does this translation stuff quite well. Is it going to cost money? Yes, but then it is bought.

I suspect we are going to take a good financial hit to make this current lawsuit go away. My advise to the city is simple. If you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.

Even after this situation is finished, there will be another deaf person with the same issues. And another, and another. It’s not going to end. It isn’t personal, this is business.

Form a committee of those needing accommodations, listen to their recommendations, work with them on budget. I know many of them and they are all very reasonable people. They will actually save you money.

Cut the theatrics, all the blaming COVID in the world isn’t going to sway one jury member. You see, all of us seem to find a way to go to work, take care of our kids, and somehow live. It seems the only people that just can’t seem to be able to do their jobs are government agencies.

We are all pretty sick of rules for thee but not for me.

You’ve all been vaccinated, the masks are for show. You might just want to grow a pair and lower them and quit the foolishness.