2nd charge of retaliation over ADA LAWSUIT leveled at City of Montesano

YA, I know. Look, after posting the filing of the lawsuit I thought that would be about it. The adults would step in and that would be all. Its all just sort of icky.

But it just won’t stop. Earlier today I posted the city announcing they would stop broadcasting meetings. All a result of the first charge of retaliation. Now Marisa has fired back with the below letter to the city and media accusing them of yet again retaliatory behavior. According to screen shots being sent to me, apparently there are a bunch of pissed off people that now can’t even get what passed for closed captioning. Mumbling behind masks, who thinks this stuff up. Ahhhh, Montesano.

——BEGIN LETTER 26 April 2021

Dear Mayor Vini Samuel, and CFO city clerk Arnel Blancas,

It’s come to my attention that it has been posted on the city’s Facebook page that the city is no longer broadcasting its city council meetings. While this has not been posted on the city website, I don’t believe that you can legally do this according to the governor’s proclamation.

I again do not believe any of these changes are coincidence and that these changes continue to be retaliatory in nature to my simple request for accommodations. You leave me with no choice but to attend the meeting in person tomorrow, and because of that I am requesting ASL certified and qualified sign language interpreters (two will need to be hired) for tomorrow night’s meeting beginning with the budget workshop at 6 p.m. Though the city’s policy is that the request must be made 72 hours in advance, because of the last-minute decision to discontinue broadcasting the council meetings, I have every right to be afforded accommodations for tomorrow night’s meetings, especially given the topics that are to be discussed include an update on annexation of my neighborhood.

Thank you,
Marisa Salzer


It looks like its going to be more of a panache dance than a waltz kids.