The Cult of the Mask

Its getting downright laughable isn’t it. Watching healthy fully vaccinated people strut around (outside no less) wearing masks. Personally I make a point of ignoring the signs and by the looks of things so are most everyone else. I keep waiting for someone to say something so I can come unglued but they never do.

Part of them knows better.

Check out an absolutely brilliantly well done video on the situation.

I had to go up to the courthouse this week and was just cracking up watching employees, probably in their 30s, walking from parking lots across the street, down the sidewalks….wearing masks. Of course there hasn’t been a case of outside transmission reported ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD….but that doesn’t matter. Its all for show and to demonstrate moral superiority. Ruining kids education is a small price to pay don’t you know.

I think the silliest thing I saw was the group of mask clad guards at the entrance. “put on your mask”…they curtly shouted at me walking in the building. After telling them I was vaccinated and the the CDC says its stupid to wear them, they told me they didn’t know who was vaccinated… they xrayed everything I owned, took my temperature and wanded me with my arms outstretched.

I would say that was ironic, but we all know we don’t have irony here in Montesano.

It honestly never dawned on them that they could ask to see my card. Three guards no less.

Its all for show kids. All for show.

I sort of feel sorry for these people, there are some mental issues going on with them.

FOLLOW THE SCIENCE…….well, do we follow the science? Do we?

Even Jay Inslee blinked and backed off this nonsense.

No, the video above cuts to the core, these people are in a cult. They can’t leave. It isn’t in them to accept reality. The kids and businesses in the community, let alone personal freedom be damned.