Fishy Business

NOTE: This happened recently, I held off posting to try and contact Fish and Game for comment. Inslee has basically shut them down and that might explain a lot.

I haven’t been up to Lake Sylvia in probably a year. Took the dog up and started walking toward the dam. As I started to get to the trail leading to the wooden walkway over the water I was met by a lookout. Ya, a lookout. Up ahead were a half dozen people with up to three poles in the water. Everybody had at least two. Fish everywhere.

You guys know me, I started trying to ask questions. I Think it was an East Asian language, I don’t know which, but nobody claimed to speak english.

Then things started getting weird. Two of them followed me over the dam and it started making the dog jumpy so we turned around and went back to the parking lot. There was another old guy there with a dog and we chatted a bit as he is up there every day and was told this is common. Very common. We were then followed out of the parking area and a lead vehicle gunned in front of me. Break checking me all the way into town. Same from behind on my bumper.

Looks like somebody didn’t like the questions.

Anyway, what a joke trying to report to State Fish and Game. Just try. I dare you. Closed up tighter than a good ole boy handshake with a city official.

I think we have a problem up there at the lake. This happened fairly recently and I attempted to contact Fish and Game for comment, but Inslee has shut the agency down cold. No way to really talk to them. Maybe its just a free for all out there. Who knows.

UPDATE: An hour later. I figured it would take fifteen minutes or so to find out what is going on up there. I knew something shady was up. I’ve been fishing this place since the early 60s and never had a group of people pull up masks and lift up full face covering hoodies when I was walking by and turn away when you casually ask ” how they biting?” Apparently……and I don’t have first hand information, this has been going on for a while. And yes, been told it has been reported. I was asked if it was safe for kids to go to that part of the lake, hell, I don’t know. Go ask the ranger. I imagine it is, just don’t look too close at what goes on. I am a bit concerned about the following and vehicle harassment though. Im pretty used to this stuff, most people aren’t. One last thing though. I always know when I am onto something by the way I am treated when I ask a question. The more they go after you, the more I know I am asking the right question.