Child Abuse pure and simple

Been very busy with my national projects and just haven’t had the time to do local things for a while.  But…..I can’t …..can’t let this rest.

What Jay Inslee and his merry little band of quasi-communists ( they call them selves progressives)  enablers are doing is nothing less than child abuse.

First of all lets just stop calling this thing they are pushing a vaccine ok?  It isn’t.  There isn’t any inert Covid in it at all.  It is a pushed immunity booster.  Nobody knows what it will do long term to your re productive bits and pieces let alone your DNA.  Plan of a forced state push every six months or so for years.  God only knows what this will do to your immunity system.  The CDC sure doesn’t.  neither does anyone else.  But hey, they aren’t my kids.  Its your problem.

Pregnant and worried about what it will do to your baby?  Forget it sister….no booster….your fired!  Makes sense, after all who loves to kill babies more than this group anyway. Its a twofer as far as they are concerned.

Lots of reproductive studies going on right now about the possible affects of not one, but two three four five…..never ending booster shots on pregnant women and men’s sperm.  Not enough time gone by yet to study possible birth defects.   the CDC didn’t do any studies.  Biden just appointed a party hack to run the place and push his political agenda.  So there isn’t any good information coming out of that organization.  Currently thousands of women are reporting side affects.   Nobody known what the long term affects are going to be on babies in the womb.  Nobody has a clue.

Pregnant and worried?

Too bad buttercup.  Take the shot or lose your job….roll the dice.  Inslee needs a job.  Have a religious belief? Sucker, Democrats don’t believe in religion. Do what you are told.

Us old folks need to take it, no question.  We are the ones at risk.  I think the number of hospitalized little kids with covid is around 37 out of 10 million.   The death rate from all people under the age of 18 is about 350 period.  Over the last two years.   So lets just stop the games.

What is coming down at you parents like a speeding freight train through Elma is a choice.  

Just how much are you willing to risk your kids so that Jay Inslee can possibly get a job in the Biden administration.  And that is what it is all about folks.  Thats it.  He will virtue signal your kids into a doomed life and smile as he is doing it.   If this draconian masking and mass firings of workers was based on actual science it would be universal.  It isn’t.  It only exists in states controlled by other liberal job seekers to the Biden administration.  This is based solely on his whim. Not science.

Spoke with a contact high up in the state educational department this week.  Get ready to keep your little first graders in their masks.  They ain’t coming off.  Maybe…..maybe by 2023.  Maybe.  If you’re lucky.

In the mean time you don’t have to look far to see the studies coming out about these young ears being pushed out Dumbo-like.  Permanently, as their ear cartilage forms.  Of course they are worthless, we all know that, but a great virtue signal.   EAR ISSUES WITH MASKS ON GROWING CHILDREN

I do have some advise for you young girls worrying about your prom pictures in a few years.  Double sided scotch tape should do the trick.   

So now we get into the real question.  And this one is a doozy.  At what point do parents start to worry more about their children than pleasing a petty tyrant in Olympia?

Inslee has pretty much destroyed an entire generation of school aged kids.  The game over the last two years where everyone was supposed to pretend that the kids were getting learnt is common knowledge.  The drop out rate is so high that it is just heartbreaking to those of us old enough to know what is coming for these kids in life that is.   Many of the kids kept on the district books so the schools can collect fed dollars.  What a racket huh?

If you parents want to know what is really going on.  Head on down to Sterling Landing by the river most nights.  Its where the kids are and have been all summer.  Drinking, screwing, smoking pot and fighting like a bad 80s movie.   I’m not casting judgement.  Believe me.  If what is being done to them was being done to me…..I’d be living for the moment too.  They know……..they know.  

The younger ones not old enough to get down to the river to let off the steam are stuck in their rooms depressed.  Those are the ones we need to watch out for in a few years.  The little grade schoolers….well, there are always anti-psychotics to deal with developing social problems.  Better living through chemistry.   One nice thing about the masks though, we won’t have to watch them drool.

On a personal note, I keep coming back to the parents.  If somebody tried to do this to my kids when I was raising my family they would have had a fight on their hands.  I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near a public school system, I wouldn’t have cared what I had to do.

You parents that allow your children to be sacrificed to curry favor with this bunch of assholes in Olympia deserve everything you are going to get.  I really hope I live long enough to watch the results of this generation of parenting.  

I know, I know…..I should feel sorry for the kids.  But hey!  Their parents don’t give two shits about them…..why should I.

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