Montesano City Election 2021

Our City Election 2021

I’m not often impressed.  

By now you have all gotten that campaign flier.  It came with the city election ballot this week.  Whoa Mama!   Them there be fighten words.  

It is an in-your-face throw the bums out slate campaign.   I thought I was the only one pissed around here…

I can’t speak to the issues raised,  as last I heard  from the city lackey assigned to talk to me………the city elected leaders were FORBIDDEN to speak to me.  Yes, you read that right….forbidden!   Forbidden I say!    I had fun for a while with it watching them duck behind doors, walls and the such.  I think my favorite was watching one of your elected leaders hide and go out the employee entrance at Thriftway as I chased them through the aisles trying to get a comment about this shady annexation deal.   They are quick little buggers too!  I lost em as they ducked down by the freezers, whipped quick around the onion bin and fast as they could go by the dairy and ducked out the back by the trash compactor.   I ran around the building from the front hoping to catch em but they were too quick for me.  Dag nabbit!  I think I got a glimpse running toward the dog park and lost the track.  It was getting dark and its kind of spooky down there by the gravel and big recycle bins.   

Wait, I have to tell one more.  So I was taking my new puppy Rocky (Barney died of cancer early this summer for those who knew him) down to the Saturday Monte farmer’s markets to socialize him.  I spot one of these city elected officials up by the big redwood trees, looking all sheepish trying to pretend they weren’t looking at me to see where I was going.   I whispered to Linda  “come on Ill go this way and you go around”.  I worked my way up the park sliding by a guitar player belting out some Jazz and watched as this official saw me coming and slunk back behind the tree trying to hide.   By now Linda saw what was going on and drug me away.  Something about upsetting the puppy.   They are hiding behind trees now.  This just cracks me up.


Ah Montesano.

Anyway.  I really don’t know these three.  I’ve had a few dealings with Brooke over the last twenty years where we were working the same community service events.  I can only give an impression.  I’ve never spoken politics with her.   Tough as nails and more apt to drive a fist into the mouth of a local good ole boy trying to pay her off. Afterwords, then sit on his chest and berate him as the scum that is destroying the town as she slaps the shit out of him.  Well, thats my impression.  I might be wrong, but I doubt it.  Then there was a time I was broadcasting a Monte football game and Brooke was in the booth.  It was hot.  Real hot and I almost passed out and didn’t know it.  She came over and made me sit down and forced water into me mama-like.  So there is that side of her too.   

I don’t know the other two but can only assume if she has thrown her lot in with them they must be alright.

I could sit with the three of them and discuss the issues raised, I haven’t been forbidden,  but it wouldn’t be right to get their side of the issues they raise in the flier as the city council and mayor,  are again,  last I heard, FORBIDDEN to talk to me.   I’m getting older and just can’t run after them anymore.   I have been allowed to talk to paid staff, but have been lied to so many times and had emails not forwarded or flat out go missing…..  I don’t bother.  Its a waste of time.  

You will have to do it yourself.

Now back to the flier and my impression.  I noted that I thought it was a brilliant political tactic.  The issues raised beg follow up.  Every one of them.   There is no city newspaper to investigate and about the only thing you got….me……is FORBIDDEN from talking to them.  

 At the core is something we all know.  Politicians are like diapers.  Some should be changed more often than others.  They get too comfortable up there and start thinking they are better than everyone else.  And act accordingly.    Trust me kids….they aint. They go in with good intentions but it soon turns into the same ole thing. Remember that creepy guy in Willy Wonka who slunk aaround trying to get the kids to steal the candy. Whispering in their ears? That is the good ole boys and these three will have to be looking out for this guy if they get in. Some can resist him, most can’t.

So, I am always behind a throw the bums out campaign.  Im pre-disposed.  If these three win, and in my opinion that flier was so politically brilliant….they probably will, in a few years we will be throwing them out as well.

As is often the case in small town politics, it is the sub issues that are the telling things.  In this case, it isn’t the flier, or the issues.  It is the cowering elected officials.  To be honest, it isn’t the issues in the flier they are scared to death of……it is the other questions they know I want to ask that sparked the FORBIDDEN  forbidden I say!   ( I can’t get enough of that sorry) policy.

I had my problems with the last administration and with Estes.  I mean we went to war, you all remember.  He couldn’t stand me.  But you know what…….I couldn’t keep him off my porch or quiet long enough to type as he tried to get information out to you guys.  He was wrong on a bunch of stuff, but he didn’t hide.

I do want to be able to bring you good information on those issues.  I do care about you having accurate information to make up your mind.  I’m putting a plan together to trap one of the city elected officials.  It involves a big box and a stick with some campaign cash and a relative that needs a job as bait.  In the meantime,  if you can find one grab em!   They are  slippery as hell though ….hold on tight until I get there.


Im sort of cracking up here thinking about these newly appointed council people up there reading this and going “What the hell?”  Ya …there’s lots of stuff you don’t about yet….but you will.  

Attaching some screenshots of what flier information I was able to pickup concerning the flier and those running.