Law Enforcement turns back on State Police

There is no lack of something to write about is there……

I am always hesitant to criticize any police agency.  Come on, every last one of them would willingly lay down his or her life in an instant to protect you and I.  unquestioned bravery and dedication to ….in my opinion….an entirely unworthy group of selfish snobbish ungrateful people.

Not opinion, observable fact.

With that said.

Every single law enforcement officer in this state, including our own MPD and GH Sheriffs stunned me this week.

Our Mao loving Governor Jay Inslee just fired ….what was it hundreds?  of dedicated time tested officers.  Their crime?  Well some of them have religious beliefs….some trying to have a baby.  Some even already had Covid. Fired.  They wouldn’t take an untested experimental whaterver-it-is.  Again folks…it isn’t a vaccine and you really need to quit using that word.

What did every other officer in the state do as their fellow officers were hung out to dry?  Nothing.

Lets have a bit of background here.   Our local MPD runs into trouble they call the GH Sheriffs.  Those guys run over and lay down their life to protect and assist MPD.   The GH Sheriffs run into trouble….they call the State Police who race over and lay down their lives unquestionably and without hesitation willing to lay down their lives.  To protect local officers they don’t even know.

Bravery and heart like none of us can even imagine.

Here come the big but.

But….but….when the Washington State Police officers need help……everyone just looks away.

Every single police officer in this state should have tendered his or her resignation.  Immediately.  It isn’t like every one of them wouldn’t have a job by the end of the day.

Further, I haven’t heard a peep from any of our elected leaders in support of these men and women by whose sacrifice each and every one of them is able to sleep safely at night and traverse our public roads.   Shameful, but expected.

I have never even met a State Police officer.  I got a warning ticket in 1969 and didn’t like it much so decided I didn’t want to meet one.  Ever.  And haven’t.   

I have lived to a ripe old age partly because of the dedication of those men and women and the sacrifice they made.  Unseen, behind the scenes.  

By the grace of God and the bravery of these people you live the life you do in relative safety and security.

Now that they need us……where the hell are you?

I’m not kidding about law enforcement officers tending resignations en mass and am quite dissapointed they stood by and turned their backs on their fellow officers.   I thought they had unions and the such.   I guess the right people were paid off.    Today they came after the State Police….tomorrow they will be coming after you.

These clowns want a world without Police Officers……give it to them.  

Seattle Police officers are next on the chopping block.  It will be interesting to see if these, by nature,  brave uniformed men and women in our towns and counties will put an end to this nonsense.  Or is it all just about paychecks and pensions now.