Masks in Place through at least 2022 in Wa State

HEADS UP: Reddit and Craigslist as well as other forums catering to the health care industry are on fire with reports of tampering with numbers as to actual hospital statistics here in Wa. State. There is no crisis being reported from many hosp workers. All across the state. Further…leaking coming out of Olympia that masks are to remain in place to better position Democrats in local Wa State elections to give them an issue to run on. This, according to postings, purported to leaks coming from the Gov office and his staff. They (Inslee and his ilk) are terrified about what is coming in 2022.

This is all a sham folks and you are sleepwalking your rights into the toilet. There is no low number of cases or %of people with the shot that will remove the masks…..ever.

Personally, I talked with people at the VA where I get my health care in two cities as well as local Med office. Several people. All confirmed to me same thing that is being posted. Do your own checking.

This will be over when you decide it is over.

UPDATE: YA, I’m hearing from a lot of parents. Really really royally pissed off. It just isn’t my fight. They are your kids. You elected these idiots and now you reap what you planted. This is partly being pushed by the school unions and their hold on Inslee. Personally, I don’t wear a mask. I had my shots and don’t intend to. I keep waiting for someone to say something but they tend to know better. You have to decide for yourselves if you are going to ruin your little kids with those worthless masks. The public schools are not your friend. Need I remind you the number one listed employment by the arrested Antifa idiots was….Public School Teacher.