Election Autopsy Nov 2021

Locally , eh….who cares.

I am happy that the misery, although somewhat tempered, will continue in Seattle. We are making bank here in Montesano! The worse it gets there the more money we make. Our houses are going up yet again. Predicted another 10% this year. Bull……it will be 20-30%. Gold chains and motorcycles for everybody in town. I should feel sorry for them but I really don’t. You don’t either….come on, admit it. Check our your home on Zillow if you don’t believe me.

Last night was an in your face rebuke of all this woke nonsense. A 15 point swing of Democrats saying “screw you” and leaving the party. Something that happened here in the harbor a couple of elections ago. Another year of Biden and it will be 30%. Democrats are scratching their heads wondering why parents don’t want men following their little girls into a public bathroom or being taught babies are racist. Keep scratching. Please.

The schools are ground zero for what is coming. I get a kick out of the “well it doesn’t happen here” crowd. Ya, it does. You just don’t know about it, but you will.

I get a kick out of the listening to the people saying there wasn’t any CRT teaching in Virginia. It was all a lie. No, it was the truth. Keep mindful that the Democrats have realized that the term “CRT” is now toxic and they will be incorporating the teachings under a different name now so they can claim “oh no…we don’t teach CRT.

Parents have had enough.

One thing these people need to realize is there are recording devices everywhere now. 20 or 30 of them in every classroom. I don’t post them, but you should see and hear what is sent to me. Well see where this goes, I may change my mind.


Last night was seismic. What you will see starting today is a lot of “well….maybe we need to hold off on all this spending”. It will be a clown car of Democratic Congressmen and Senators bumper-caring their way out of the liberal lane. Kudos to Joe Manchin. You want a good prediction. He is the Democratic nominee for President in 2024. He would be hard to beat too. Very hard to beat. Harris? Come on, Hillary without the charm.

Another prediction. Keep your eye on Rep Jim Walsh. He smells something in the air. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he runs for congress ….and wins. He is about the only politician you have around here that is actually fighting for you and your family. People are taking notice.

Another year of Inslee and his child harming Covid restrictions should push Wa State red as well. People, especially parents, are definitely “woke” now.

A little story.

Why care about the kids at all around here? Ill tell you why.

This summer the wife and I were walking the dog down at Sterling Landing by the river. On the sand bar was a lanky maybe 17 year old. Real nerd and awkward as all 17 year olds are.

He was burning a small pile of trash. There was a burn ban on and it got me curious and I walked over.

Turned out he came down there all the time and picked up all the trash that the kids left from nightly parties down on the sand bar. It wasn’t a lot of trash either, which speaks volumes.

Some kid took it on himself to do this. Nobody told him too. Nobody knew he was doing it. Pure character of the highest order. A Montesano man through and through.

Such a simple act, and of such earth shaking importance.

It isn’t you that I give much of a shit about, but this kid………..mess with him, you mess with me.