The Inslee Kids

HO HO HO. The Grinch has nothing on Jay Inslee. Wondering why all these blue states are doing away with D and F grades? Wonder no longer. They are just getting ready for the ramifications of masking your little darlings.

Brown University just released a study showing a dramatic IQ drop in little kids as a direct result of masking them. Awwwww. and you thought your virtue signaling was just oh so woke.

Don’t take my word for it: These studies have been hitting since August and were buried by the media.


There are more studies coming for the grade school kids. Get ready….its going to be worse.

They will actually have a name for this group of kids. I should be clear, it isn’t all kids everywhere. No, just here in Washington State and other Progressive virtue signaling governors like New York and California. The other kids will be just fine. So that’s good.

Home school kids will be fine too. And much smarter! A 20-30 point drop in IQ is pretty serious. Its actually worse than pretty serious but I don’t want to make these parents feel worse….they have enough problems coming. Oh, and for the older kids….wait till you see the high school drop out rate numbers.

Everybody from Inslee on down to the public schools knew this was coming and didn’t do a thing. Masking little kids is nothing more than child abuse. Nothing but crickets from the schools and your elected leaders. Well, as long as the federal education money keeps coming……nothing to see. Move on.

“I don’t think anything bad ought to happen to children. I think the bad stuff should be saved up for the people whose grown up. That’s the way I see it.” ― Karl Childers


Follow up: It wasn’t ten minutes after I posted this that I heard from a Psychologist and was told it is much worse than we even are starting to learn. Apparently they are all talking among themselves about what is coming in the way of “deep seated” emotional problems…as he put it. Drug and alcohol problems at horrible rates coming down the road…..and more. This is Jay Inslee’s legacy. And shame on our elected leaders and public school systems for allowing this to happen. We shouldn’t be surprised though, it’s been about paychecks, pensions and political contributions for a while now….its not about the kids anymore.