End of Year Predictions 2021


I look forward to this every year.  It isn’t because I am most always right, you already know that,  it is just basically fun.

All right.  On the world stage Australia better be building bunkers and sharpening sticks cause China is coming.  They want that big ole island and they want it bad.  All this Taiwan crap is a smokescreen.  Watch for a Gulf of Tonkin moment generating the excuse to tie Australia in with supporting the freedom loving Taiwanese.   Just watch.

At the core is a need for a place to put……oh……about a billion Chinese they don’t have room for.  Nice big mostly empty Australia would do.  Not to mention China gets most all their iron ore there.  Its a twofer. 

My crystal ball is never wrong

Shouldn’t take a day or so to take it.  Its not like the population is armed or anything.

On the other side of the world I doubt Putin is going to go into Ukraine.  Those people are armed and will fight back.  That would be a bloodbath.  He just wants stuff.  And rest easy that Biden is just the guy to give him things.  Ho hum.  Nothing to see here.


Israel will have enough and send a few presents to Iran.  With the blessing of every other Middle East county.

Everyone’s favorite Dictator Little Kim will just disappear suddenly in the middle of the night.  N.K. Military take over.  A money trail leading back to Xi.


Studies will be leaked about the long term damage to immune systems for all these younger people taking the kool-aid.  That is when the you know what will hit the fan.  Too late.  Have a nice rest of your life. Old people like me, hell, I can take up heroin and it wouldn’t kill me. You young people. Tick Tock with this never ending untested crap they are and will be pumping into you.

The political wave in the 2022 elections is going to be massive.  What used to be people calling themselves Democrats just won’t be able to stomach it anymore.  Even the Hispanic vote is past trending Republican and going full into streaming category.  Up to about 50% now as reflected in the recent Virginia election.  As Scooby Do would say.  Ruh Row.  Watch for the liberals in Washington suddenly be against illegal immigration.  My prediction…house gains 75 seats, Senate 7-10.  Wave continuing down to local levels.  

Sen. Joe Manchin is poised to elevate a third party wave.  The buzz will increase next year.  He would be unbeatable in a 2024 Presidential election on an Independent ticket.  Watch for groundwork being laid.  Let me explain why.

The Republican Party talks a good game but in the end delivers nothing.  The Democrat Party is now full out liberal Communist.  Never in our history has their  been the will, opportunity, and resources for a major third party to take hold like this.  The country is ripe and eager.  Third party has always been fringe.  A true centrist just might do it.  We will see.

Inflation will drive everything.  Studies have found you already took a $3,500 hit this year. Next year will be worse.  You think its bad now?   Cupcake it hasn’t even started yet.   

Help is on the way, I plan to start a self reliance series as a focus for next year.


Inslee isn’t getting enough attention from Biden.  He thought for sure by now he would have been offered a job.  Everybody knows, even in Washington DC,  what a lazy hack this guy is and they don’t want him.  Watch for him to double down on Communism.  In his mind he isn’t Red enough.  I sort of feel sorry for all the school age kids.  Sort of, as I have said many times, if the parents are willing to let them be used in medical experiments and have their lives ruined with these masks……they deserve what is coming to them.  No sympathy.

Watch for fee hikes everywhere, on everything.  Take a look at your recent property tax statement and car insurance bill.  This is just the start.  Electricity, water, everything.  Washington is about to become a very expensive place to live.   Luckily, good news in the paragraph below.

Seattle will continue to be a glorious money maker for us here in town.  I have full confidence in their continued decay.  Crime will drive people out.  Well, those who can afford to leave.  They will move out to surround communities driving up those prices …..driving people south until they hit Olympia.  Now this is where we come in.

Olympia people will be driven out and where do they end up?   Here,  wearing maroon and grey.  

Our home prices went up about 100,000$ in a year.  A year.  Predictions are another 6-7% this year.  Maybe with inflation 10% or more.   We are a bargain in their eyes.  Gold chains and motorcycles kids.

All it takes is 50 people to come into the county and wipe out all the inventory driving up the prices even higher.  On top of that, everyone want to live in Monte.  Gold chains and motorcycles.  

To take advantage of the money you have to leave the area.  Wyoming is looking good these days.  They don’t medically experiment on their children there either.


With all this mountain of new property tax money coming in don’t expect to see a lowering of your rate.  No, look for the Commissioners to give all their co workers raises.  Come on, I dare you…….argue with me on that.  I dare you.


Not one pothole will be filled.  


As we hit our ten year anniversary here things have changed.  In 2011 YouTube was only a couple of years old.  People still got their news from newspapers.  Blogs were new.  Community information changing.  

In 2021 everyone is connected via a variety of things and ways.  Newspapers are dead, blogs lost their umph about five years ago, they just aren’t needed as a clearing house for information.  So last year.

I am changing with the times.  Again.

Starting January 1st watch for something new.  I might even break out the video stuff again.

So it is written…..so it shall be so